The Myth, the Legend, the Zebra’


Hudson – Memorizing lines, learning stage positions and mastering the behavior of zebras are a few of the techniques that students involved with the Hudson High School Drama Club have been working on this fall. The cast and crew have been relentlessly rehearsing for the past several weeks for performances Thursday Nov. 1 through Saturday Nov. 3 of "Zinc: The Myth, the Legend, the Zebra" written by Cherie Bennett. The show will be performed at the Intel mini-theater at the High School and will feature a cast and crew of more than 40 students.

"Zinc," which is a popular children's novel that has been adapted into a play, is a story about life and courage. Life lessons are illustrated through a young girl's battle with cancer. The story of Becky, the main character, is based on the real-life story of a girl named Kelly Weil, who fought a battle with leukemia.

Bennett is a popular playwright and novelist who has created a legacy for Weil, combining her tale of "Becky" with a one-page story written by Weil about a spotted zebra named Zinc.

Jennifer Carosso, who plays Becky in the upcoming performance explained that Becky, who loves zebras, has created this imaginative land of zebras.

"When Becky is receiving chemotherapy and as the side aff ects of the drugs get too bad, then she would go to Zebra Land," she said.

In Zebra Land, there are three zebras who are always with her, zebras who, like herself, are facing several fears and obstacles. The play tells the tale of the struggle that both the zebras and Becky go through to overcome their fears.

Allison Colianni plays one of the zebras.

"Throughout the play, Becky gets progressively sicker and eventually ends up no longer able to attend school," she explained.

Unfortunately Becky is not only battling cancer, she is also struggling with the traditional school issues, like dealing with the class snob. The play is both inspirational and heartbreaking, according to Colianni.

"In one scene, the school snobs tells Becky the only reason she visits her is so she can get extra credit," she said.

"The play flashes back and forth between reality and Zebra Land," Carosso said. "Zebra Land is the one place where she is not different than anyone else."

The students promised that it was a spiritually motivating play. They hope that through their performances, they will promote cancer awareness and confront some of the issues that traditional students face.

In order to help the students learn more about cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy, Director of Theater Kathleen McKenzie organized a workshop with the school nurse and the Leukemia Society.

Tickets for the upcoming show are $5 for general admission and can be purchased at the door.

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