Cable show ‘Local Music Rocks’ features local musicians


Region – What began as an avenue to highlight the efforts of local musicians and bands has developed into the cable access television show called "Local Music Rocks." If it's not already on a community cable channel in your town, it could be on its way soon. The 18 communities it now airs in include two towns that signed up for it just this month: Westborough and Northborough.

Westford resident Steve Brown created the show in the fall of 2007, but its inception and creation all happened quite by accident.

"The Westford community access cable station was off ering a workshop on how to create and develop a television show from start to finish," Brown said. "My wife suggested I give it a try."

Brown like the idea, but didn't really know how he would put the lessons and knowledge toward a practical use.

"The only two things I'm really interested in are sports and music," Brown said. "The more I thought about it, the more the music one made sense. I love local music. I love going to see local bands playing their own stuff .

"So I thought [that] maybe I could put on a show that focused on the eff orts of local bands trying to make a name for themselves," Brown said, "give them a little publicity and a place where they could come and play."

So, after taking the workshop, Brown pitched his idea to the management of the Westford cable access station, who loved the idea.

Brown then began to assemble a crew, which includes his son Eric Klages, 14, and Northborough resident Hui Shek. Simultaneously, he advertised for local musicians in musician trade magazines.

Shek, 37, who is a co-worker of Brown's at Sea Change International in Acton, designed all the graphics that appear on the show and is also responsible for putting them into the show at the given time.

Shek said graphic design is just a hobby for him. He said he enjoys helping to produce the show and likes to watch it with his wife, Angela, and daughters, Rachael, 8, and Emma, 4. Shek said Rachael watches the show with a critical eye and suggests improvements and enhancements.

Brown, 41, who has three other children in addition to Eric – Samantha, 5, Matthew, 4, and Alison, 1 – creates, develops and produces one show a month. The first show aired in October 2007 and featured the Cool Cash Bandits. Red Shift was on the show in November, Marty Nestor in December and The Vibes in January. Scheduled to appear in February are the Clever Devils, while Tan Odyssey is on tap for March.

Even more interesting than the successful creation of the show, which amazed Brown more than anyone, has been its popularity.

Brown hoped, with a little luck, that he could get it aired in about six towns in the Westford area.

"That's been the craziest thing … all the requests we've gotten from people in towns wanting to see the show," Brown said. "We're no longer actively recruiting towns, but people keep contacting us, asking us to find a way to get on their cable access channel."

For more information about Local Music Rocks, including the schedule, airtime and town availability, check out the websites at www.localmusicrocks.com and www.myspace.com\ localmusicrockstv.

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