Top Ten Things to Look for in a Realtor


Choosing a full-time real estate agent isn't about anticompetitive behavior or shutting out part-time discounters.

It's about obtaining full-time service for the full-time job of selling or buying what's likely the owner's or buyer's greatest asset. With full-time service comes value that off sets savings customers expect from a discounter.

If someone represents a client every so often, how can they negotiate with someone who is out there looking and negotiating week after week?

In order to have knowledge about the market you must be always involved. An agent who is seeing new properties every week, and/or looking on the weekends, will off er that advantage to a buyer or seller.

With a full-time agent as the No. 1 quality to seek in a real estate agent, here's the "Top Ten Things to Look for in a Realtor." • Get a licensed agent working full-time. Full-time service means the agent works for you whenever you are in need. Fulltime agents are best prepared to resolve problems that crop up during negotiations and inspections as well as those that occur after the purchase.

How can you possibly advise someone on an off er price when you haven't seen many of the homes that sold recently? It makes sense that someone who is doing something full-time can off er more than someone who is part-time.

The top firms off er education and national/international networks to promote a property. There are reasons why agents stay with these firms even when the commission splits with discount firms seem better. • Get an agent with passion, enthusiasm and dedication. This is the agent who goes the extra mile to get the best results, even with the going gets tough. • Get an agent with market savvy. Consistent sales in a given neighborhood reveals geographic market smarts that can save money. Knowledge is key. • Get an agent who is creative. Look for someone who can write purchase off ers that excite a seller and satisfy the buyer.

A primary concern in today's market is tighter lending requirements. Buyers need to be schooled in their risks and obligations to lenders.

An experienced agent will know the right questions to ask and have strong relationships with lenders they trust.

Avoid having a client get into trouble. There is a delicate way of speaking about money and it's crucial that a serious talk is had before moving forward.

But money isn't everything.

Money isn't the only solution to every problem. There are many things a seller can off er to make a hesitant buyer reconsider … time, financing conditions, off ering personal property in the deal, making property adjustments that aren't costly but a time-saver for the buyer. Each situation is diff erent. A list of motivators can help sort out options that keep the deal together. • Get a tech-savvy agent. Most home transactions today begin on the Internet. All eventually get a technology assist.

In this day and age, people expect information the moment that it becomes available. Imagine that your dream home comes on the market on a Monday evening. Now imagine that three or four days pass before your agent becomes aware. That gives other buyers just enough time to get their off er in and possibly take away your shot at that perfect home. • Get a team player. A real estate agent with a network of professionals at her disposal can take the screws out of finding a good handyman, insurance agent, mortgage broker, home inspector or a variety of other home buying and owning professionals you will need. • Get an agent with a licensed right-hand man or woman. You'll often need someone to talk to when your agent isn't available. The assistant should have knowledge of the pertinent facts related to your transaction.

A full-time agent has more than one client. It's no diff erent than an experienced attorney or doctor. In order to be available for clients every day, an assistant is necessary. For example, a listing appointment could last for three hours and during that time someone could call to discuss an off er on your property. Would you want that call to go unreturned for hours? It's crucial that this kind of call be returned immediately. • Get a well-respected agent. Other agents make deals with agents they respect, trust and with whom they enjoy working. • Get the background on your agent. Ask to speak to past and present clients and ask to review multiple listing service (MLS) reports of his or her sales.

Everyone understands the value of referrals. The MLS details will show what in fact that agent has sold and when those sales occurred. • Get an agent you trust.

It's imperative to select a Realtor who understands you, one that you respect and with whom you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and concerns. Without a level of trust the client won't experience the full benefits of a full-time Realtor.

For more information on buying or selling a home, call me at 508-380-0112.

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