Southboro Auto Tech


Business name: Southboro Auto Tech and Choice Car Wash
Address: 145 Boston Road (Route 30), Southborough
Owners: Bill and Kris Stapleton
Contact Information: 508-485-9082, www.southboroautotech.com

What repairs can you do?

“We do everything from major repairs to computer diagnostics. We’re a state-certified emissions repair facility; if your car fails for a sticker, you can come see us,” said Bill Stapleton, owner of Southboro Auto Tech, an AAAapproved and NAPA car care center, for the past 35 years.


“We are highly computerized and have online information systems. We are just six months behind the dealers in everything they know. But we don’t want the technicians just looking up the answers. We train our guys to find the problem. When diagnosing an intermittent or difficult problem, we let the customer know ahead of time that we have all of the diagnostic equipment needed as well as information hotlines to help solve the problem, and that we can usually come up with as answer within the hour. Either way, after an hour we call the customer and discuss the car’s progress or problem.”

What services do you provide your customers? “We have free loaner cars. We have a shuttle service within a five-mile radius. We pick up and drop off people—or their cars—all day long,” Stapleton said.

“In this economy, the auto parts houses and dealerships are not stocking a lot of parts, so we can’t always get parts as readily. It’s good to have a loaner car to get somebody back home who wasn’t expecting to break down today.”

“We understand how expensive everything is today, so we off er an incentive for people to bring their cars to us, the Car Care Club,” said Kris Stapleton, Bill’s wife and co-owner. “It’s like a rewards card. We sell it for $110. If you do nothing but get your oil changed, you are ahead of the game.”

You also have a car wash and detailing business? “The detailing business is restoring your car to its original newness,” Kris said. “We take dirty and make it new.”

“We’ve had people tell us they were going to trade their car in, and after we get done with it, they decide to keep it,” Bill said. “So Kris is doing something right; she runs the detail business.”

“Choice Car Wash is unique. It off ers two types of washes. One side is a touch-free wash, nothing but highpressure water touches your vehicle. The other side is a ‘right touch’ wash, a microfiber cloth that rolls over the car,” Kris said.

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