Shrewsbury man defends action against anti-Obama protestors

Shrewsbury resident Carl Lund. (Photo/Bonnie Adams)

By Bonnie Adams, Government Editor

Northborough – When Carl Lund saw a table set up on Main Street in Northborough on Friday, Dec. 7, he was “disgusted” he said, to see a poster of President Barack Obama, depicted as Adolf Hitler, prominently displayed.

“I couldn's believe what I was seeing,” Lund, a resident of Shrewsbury and a Vietnam veteran, said.

Lund then got into a verbal confrontation with the two men manning the table, who Northborough police identified as Ian Brinkley and Jared Caskill.

“[Brinkley and Caskill] claimed it was a peaceful, political display with literature,” Lund said. “I disagreed. I thought it was a despicable, disrespectful display.”

Lund admits that he became angry and kicked the table over.

“They said they would call the police,” he recalled. “I told them to go ahead.”

When the police arrived, he gave them his information and left. Lund, who owns a business he runs out of his home, Heritage Home Carpentry, said he never imagined that the story would then go viral, attracting attention from several Boston TV stations and local media outlets.

“But I have also gotten calls from former and current customers supporting me. Friends have called with offers of support, too,” he said.

Lund stresses that he is “not political.”

“I did not do this as a political statement or even a “veteran's” statement,” he said. “I was not trying to represent anyone other than myself. It was a personal statement.”

Now, several days after the incident, Lund is pragmatic about what happens next. As of Thursday morning, Dec. 12, he had not received any official notification that he would be charged with any offenses.

“I'se been told I will receive a summons but I haven's gotten that yet,” he said. “But whatever happens, I am ready. You need to take responsibility for your actions good or bad and I do.”

“It did not matter who was depicted in that picture,” he said. “What matters is that it was the president of the United States, our chief executive officer, depicted as one of the most villainous people of modern times. It showed absolutely no respect for the office of the presidency.”

Adding to the insult, Lund said, was that the incident happened on the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

“I had been thinking about that earlier in the day and about the people who died that day in the service of our country,” he added.

Lund acknowledges that some have asked him if the two men should have been allowed to freely display their information under the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble.

“I think the bigger conversation is why can you not deface the American flag, currency or coinage but you can deface the image of the president?” he asked. “We have laws to respect other rights but not this?”

“We also have to remember that in this country, the majority rules,” he added. “Even if you don's agree with the outcome of an election, the majority rules. And I believe it doesn's matter who is in office, you need to respect the office.”

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5 Comments for “Shrewsbury man defends action against anti-Obama protestors”

  1. Along with majority rules comes minority rights. That pesky Bill of Rights thing.

  2. Tolerance is a one-way street in Commie Land.

  3. Carl must’ve forgotten that the freedoms guaranteed in the first amendment exist to protect people from being punished from speaking up against what they believe to be a poor leader. I agree with the protesters, and, while I can see Carl’s point about disrespecting the President’s image, without such freedom, the government would have the power to detain or otherwise punish those who disagreed with said leader, making it a dictatorship and not a democracy.

  4. Carl, suppose the actual President, whoever he or she was, were becoming a despot. Then what? The best thing would have been for everyone to simply ignore these fringe nuts. As John Stewart Mill wrote, letting them show their error exposes it to others as error. By attaching them you give them a false legitimacy.

  5. As a Vet myself you can disrespect the man but dont disrespect the office. Also it didnt happen on the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor i mean that is unless this happened last year 2011 and we are just hearing about it now. Get your facts straight.

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