Local author inspires with “The Spirit Within”

By Joan F. Simoneau, Community Reporter

Author and motivational speaker Paul Pacific (far right) lives in Marlborough with (l to r) his wife Lisa, daughter Julie, and son Jacob. (photo/submitted)

Marlborough – “How we are connected to God, each other and all things” is the theme of a book, “The Spirit Within” written by author Paul Pacific. The Marlborough resident is also a motivational speaker who spreads his inspiring message of personal empowerment in schools, on television, radio and media interviews all over the United States.

Pacific went from very humble beginnings in a family of 10 to several successful careers, including playing minor league hockey, lecturing at schools nationwide as a national representative for Students Against Driving Drunk, and working with the Special Olympics. Although his parents lacked formal education, he said, they taught him the true values of life – that true wisdom, strength and knowledge come from within you, not outside. This is a philosophy that he now enjoys sharing with others.

“The new generation and many of the older generation have become disillusioned over the failure of the religious hierarchy to provide a more personal relationship between themselves and God,” Pacific said. “The teachings, handed down from so long ago do not appear to be as relevant in today's modern, fast paced society. They just do not provide a language to which the current generations can relate to or connect with.”

Pacific doesn's advocate any particular religion, but said because he has witnessed miracles and believes they are evidence of a higher power “all around us and within us,” he knows from experience when a personal connection with God is made, one is able to change his/her life any way desired.

It was a tragic life changing incident that occurred when he was a freshman at American International College that temporarily took away his desire to pursue a career as a professional hockey player, along with the connection to his own “spirit within.”

“In the annual freshmen vs. varsity hockey game I was jumped by three of their players from behind.? I almost lost an eye and went to the hospital with a severe concussion.? During my recovery I somehow blamed God for what happened to me,” he explained.

It was during a “life review” three years later, he said that he realized his life was “devoid of any true sense of connection with anything outside myself.”

“After several days of focused internal silence the connection to my “spirit within,” returned stronger than it ever had been,” he added. “I returned to “Being” consciously aware of my connection to God and that I could be, do or have anything I put my focus upon.”

At the time he had close relationships with a few friends who led him to an all-black school in the ghettos of Louisiana, where he brought his messages of love and hope.? He, as well as others, recognized his outstanding connection with teens and young adults, he said, as he spoke of making a personal connection with God. Using his candor and sometimes irreverent humor, Pacific captivated the young people and inspired them to begin a road to self discovery – to recognize the connection to God, each other and all things.

In spreading the word to the thousands of audiences of all ages, Pacific relates how his career as a professional athlete prepared him for an occasional confrontation, alone behind closed doors with principals, and others in authority, including law enforcement officials. During dramatic situations, he demonstrates in his book that the “spirit within” can be called upon to provide unerring guidance when the odds are heavily against us.

His book contains true stories of wonder and courage, tragedies and humor from a variety of personal lifetime experiences and encounters.

“I am neither a prophet nor seer, nor do I wish to be considered one,” he said. ?”I only wish to inspire people to recognize how our thoughts create our reality and to choose more positive thoughts instead of repetitively conditioned negative beliefs handed down from generation to generation. Most people's perception of themselves is through the eyes of others. My book will help empower the reader to look within.”

For more information visit http://paulpacific.com.

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