Classique Medical Spa: Northborough office offers surgical, non-surgical services

By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Dr. Cynthia Poulos (Photo/Nancy Brumback)

Dr. Cynthia Poulos (Photo/Nancy Brumback)

Northborough – Women??”and men??”seeking to change their facial or body image will find a complete range of treatment options and expert advice in choosing among them at Classique Medical Spa.

The facility is under the direction of and owned by Dr. Cynthia Poulos, a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She has been in private practice for about 20 years.

In 2000, Dr. Poulos decided to expand her practice by creating Classique Medical Spa, offering non-invasive treatments such as injectable fillers, Botox treatments, laser treatments, and chemical peels as well as facials and massage. She continues to provide surgical treatments such as face lifts, breast augmentation and reduction, and liposuction.

“I's a surgeon and I love to operate,” she said, “but if there are other ways of dealing with an issue, I's all for that. I started the medical spa because I wanted to do more than operate on patients and send them on their way. I wanted to provide advice and help on maintaining their skin over time.”

She continued: “Years ago, before the term “medical spa” existed, I saw the potential of offering multiple services to address a variety of needs in a cohesive way.”

The range of available services distinguishes Classique from other skin care providers, she noted. “We don's just have one service or one piece of equipment.”

Instead, Dr. Poulos consults with each patient to determine what they feel is their problem area, what they would like treatment to accomplish, what are reasonable expectations from various treatment options, and the possibility of trying more than one type of treatment if appropriate, up to and including surgery.

Her professional medical background, she added, enables her to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of new procedures that are introduced and often widely advertised, and she adds them to the services Classique offers only when she is satisfied of their value.

Pointing out that Botox injections are the number one non-invasive treatment people seek, Dr. Poulos said that her training and years of experience as a plastic surgeon “mean I know the underlying anatomy and physiology. I know where the nerves, vessels and muscles are.” That knowledge leads to Botox injections that “look natural and refreshed.”

“To do this and other treatments well, with finesse and attention to detail, does benefit from relevant skill and experience,” she said.

The spa staff includes nurses, licensed estheticians, laser specialists and massage therapists, who all work under Dr. Poulos” direction.

Patients range in age from their late teens to their 80s, she said, seeking treatments appropriate to their ages and conditions.

“Our job is to determine if a procedure is the right thing for them,” she said. “I am honest with them about what can and can's be achieved.”

Cosmetic procedures, she noted, can boost self-confidence, help people look and feel their best, help them stay competitive in a work environment, and “make the outside reflect the inner beauty.”

Classique Medical Spa, including Dr. Poulos” plastic surgery practice, is located at 17 South St. (Rt. 135) in Northborough. Dr. Poulos also sees patients one afternoon a week at the Women's Pavilion of the Milford Regional Medical Center, 14 Prospect St., Milford.

Detailed information about treatment options, services offered and financing is on the website, www.drpoulos.com. Information and appointments are also available by calling 508-393-4544.



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  1. It’s the current trend for those women who feel they need some advancement in their beauty. Generally, they choose to implant silicon or do plastic surgery to make happiness for their couple. Although the price is expensive, their passsion cannot make them stop to be more beautiful.

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