M EO 5

Luke Walsh, 3, peers from a Hudson Fire Department truck.
(Photo/Ed Karvoski Jr.)
M EO 2965
Eric (10) and Police Dog Gizmo (6 months) became great friends and played together like old friends.
(Photo/Heidi Hayes-Pandey)
Aidan, 7, from Hudson, makes two new friends at the petting zoo.
(Photo/Heidi Hayes-Pandey)
3- year-old twin brothers Andre (l) and Jayson ( r) enjoy the festivities. 
(Photo/Heidi Hayes-Pandey)
Owen Pike (4) from Marlborough enjoyed getting to sit in the driver's seat of the Hudson Fire Truck.  
(Photo/Heidi Hayes-Pandey)
Austin, 18-months-old,  from Marlborough,  enjoys the petting zoo. (Photo/Heidi Hayes-Pandey)
Owen St. Angelo, 7, volunteers to handle a toad during the Rainforest Reptile Show.
(Photo/Ed Karvoski Jr.)
Taking a tethered hot-air balloon ride are (l to r) Tina Baia, her daughter, Arianna, 7, and her aunt, Rosemarie Castoldi.
(Photo/Ed Karvoski Jr.)
Dylan Benker, 4, and Connor Ostiguy, 5, are entertained by a live animal program.
(Photo/Ed Karvoski Jr.)

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