City council should vote “no” on funding Ward Park construction

Opinion-icon-for-website[1]To the Editor:

In Marlborough's “Open Space and Recreation Plan” Ward Park is listed as a protected parcel. The plan tells that the reason land around the city is protected, is in order to ensure that the city preserve the quality of life now enjoyed by its residences.

Open Space and Recreation Committee (OSRC) members participating in the creation of the plan included City Councilor Delano, City Councilor Clancy, Conservation Officer Priscilla Ryder, Commissioner of Public Works Ron LaFreniere? and Director of Recreation Department David Grasso.

They wrote:

“It will be up to the Mayor, City Council, city boards, committees and residents to push for the protection of these last remaining parcels to save the remaining natural and unique character of the city.”

An OSRC survey revealed that “most residents indicated they wanted to see more open space protected for conservation and recreation purposes. Remaining land should be protected from development to protect the character of the city and quality of lifethere was an overwhelming response indicating open space and recreation are high priorities for residents of Marlborough”. This overwhelming response is confirmed by the fact that over 500 current Marlborough residents have signed a petition against the development of Ward Park.

So where I ask are the voices of the OSRC participants currently involved in city government? Why are they letting the mayor treat their plan like a work of fiction? They concluded that Ward Park is protected land and that open spaces and parks are crucial to the quality of life of all residents. Why won's any of them come forward and publically defend the document they worked so hard on?

If city council votes to approve the Ward Park construction, they are saying the designation of “protected land” is meaningless. All land is up for grabs. City officials in their silence are leaving it to residents to stand up for the principals of the document they created. We must speak out, as no one is speaking for us, certainly not anyone in city government. Tell the city council they must vote NO on funding a municipal building on Ward Park.

Michael Nickolas


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  1. Kudos to the councilors who stood up to the mayor and spoke the will of their constituents at the October 3rd Operations and Oversight Committee meeting.

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