Marlborough Education Foundation announces 2013/2014 grant awards

Marlborough-large-web-icon1Marlborough – The Marlborough Education Foundation (MEF), an independent, nonprofit, community-based corporation recently announced that more than $11,000 will be awarded to Marlborough Public Schools through its 2013/2014 grant program.

At Jaworek Elementary School, $2,366 was awarded for enriching the second grade curriculum with mini iPads. These will be used to provide students with enrichment opportunities and extra support in math, reading, and writing. In addition, $750 was awarded for a document camera for the Visual Arts Program at the school.

Kane Elementary School was awarded $1,889 for “What's Your Story – Digital Storytelling Using the iPad.” Using the iPad and a variety of digital storytelling tools, students will utilize technology skills, synthesize and analyze information as well as collaborate with peers through the creation of digital stories. The school also received $306 to enhance the “Shall Wii Dance” curriculum piece already in place.

The recipient of the Carvalho/Roth Grant to promote literacy was Kane school's program, “iPads for Interventions,” to help improve vocabulary MCAS scores.

Marlborough's Kane, Jaworek, and Richer elementary schools will benefit from the FishEye Software Grant of $1,198 to promote technology. This grant will allow the Marlborough Public Schools to purchase a license for Moby Max, an online program that will provide all elementary and middle school teachers the ability to offer differentiated and individualized math lessons and practice for all of the students they serve.

The Whitcomb Middle School was awarded $750 for a document camera to support English and history/social studies teachers from grades 6-8 so that they can create lessons that will more fully engage their regular, ELL, and special education students.

Marlborough High School was also awarded $750 for a document camera, to support teaching for English instruction in writing across the 9-12 grades, at all levels including College Prep, Honors, Advanced Placement, ELL, and special education students.

The high school received another $600 for an SLR digital camera, so students in the clothing classes will have the opportunity to create a professional quality portfolio of their work.

Through the use of iPads purchased with an additional grant for $1,796, Marlborough High School's English Language Learners will not only acquire English faster and more efficiently, but also use technology to teach other students in the district what they have learned through the use of filmmaking.

MEF's mission is to provide the funds for new programs and resources that enhance the educational opportunities for students in the Marlborough Public Schools. The programs MEF supports should complement the existing curriculum, help as many students as possible, and be self-sustaining.

MEF relies on the generous support of individuals, families, organizations, and businesses in the greater Marlborough area to provide the funding needed for these grants. Over the last 16 years, MEF has awarded over $172,000 in grants.

For further information, visit www.mefonline.org.

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