Athlete Spotlight: Alex Fisher

By Ryan Massad, Contributing Writer

Fisher playing aggressive defense against the Putnam Beavers. (Photo/submitted)

Fisher playing aggressive defense against the Putnam Beavers. (Photo/submitted)

School: Saint John's

Year: 2014

Sport: Basketball

Notable Stat: Averaged 10 points per game, good for 5th best in the Central Mass Conference

What are your earliest memories of playing basketball?

“My earliest memory is my fourth grade YMCA league. I remember my assistant coach bringing me three feet from the hoop, and telling me that I can start to dribble when I can shoot 10 for 10 off the backboard. It took me three or four practices to get it down, and when I proved I was capable, my coach said “Good job, now do it left-handed.””

Who's responsible for teaching you the game, and which coach/adult helped enhance your skills as you got older?

“Coach Mark Robichaud and Coach Gary Bousquet. They coached me from fourth to sixth grade in the Athol YMCA League. They were the first to help me develop my game, and Coach Robert Foley was the first coach who taught me to really play well.”

What was it like being part of the Saint John's basketball team?

“It was an incredible experience. The bonds that I formed with my teammates changed my perspective on what defines a teammate.”

What has been the single-most special game during your time at Saint John's?

“The most memorable game that I'se been a part of would have to be this year's district finals game. I remember the loud atmospheres from my freshman year, but the environment and support of all my classmates is something I won's soon forget.”

Which teammate have you been able to relate with most easily?

“I have related extremely well to my point guards, but I found over the years that there is an understanding among those who play the same position as you. I related most with my co-captain, Charlie Murray. When we were sophomores and juniors, he seemed to be the one who I competed for playing time with, and in our senior year, I always looked to feed him the ball under the net.”

Would you like to play basketball in college?

“I will be attending Villanova University this coming fall semester. Although I have a love of the game, I turned down an offer in order to follow the academic path. I do plan on participating in club and intramural ball, but not on the varsity level.”

Who is your favorite NBA team and player, and why?

“I's a Celtics man by birth, and my favorite player is Kevin Garnett, despite the fact that he now plays for Brooklyn. I really admire his love of the game and persistence on the court.”

What is your favorite class in school, and why?

“So far, my favorite class has been BC Calc. I find equations to be puzzles, and I plan on pursuing a career in the engineering field at Villanova.”

What legacy would you like to leave behind at Saint John's?

“I only want to leave my love of the game with the juniors and underclassmen. There's nothing better than the sound of the starting whistle, and for some people, basketball is all they have. I hope that the sport, and enthusiasm for the game, will continue to flourish at St. John's.”

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  1. Alex Fisher is my favorite NBA player. I like his moves.

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