Pro-Tech Pest Control: Professional service to treat all kinds of pest problems

By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Brian White, owner, Pro-Tech Pest Control. Photo/Nancy Brumback

Brian White, owner, Pro-Tech Pest Control. Photo/Nancy Brumback

Business name: Pro-Tech Pest Control

Address: 541 Pleasant St., Worcester

Owner: Brian White

Contact Information: Worcester 508-757-2409; Framingham 508-872-1113



What services does Pro-Tech provide?

“We'se in the pest control business, and we solve and prevent pest problems for businesses and homeowners. We deal with mice, ants, cockroaches, hornets and wasps; bedbugs are the new thing,” said Brian White, owner of Pro-Tech Pest Control, who has been working in the industry for 28 years and started this business 24 years ago. The company serves customers in the Metrowest area and Worcester County.


What are the signs of a pest problem?

“In most cases, people will see black droppings or even the insects or rodents themselves.?? For termites, unfortunately you usually find out from an inspection when you are selling the house or buying a house. Occasionally, you'sl see a reproductive swarm that looks like a big swarm of ants in the house that turns out to be a termite swarm.

“Ants are ants. You'sl see one every once in a while in the kitchen or bathroom. One or two is okay, but when you see trails of them or lots of them, it can be an indication of bigger issues. If there are carpenter ants, they can do damage, hollowing out the wood of window sills or door jambs. Sometimes you can see material that looks like sawdust coming out.”


How do you treat different problems?

“With mice, we want to exclude them by finding and blocking up the holes, then we use a combination of traps and bait to get rid of the ones already inside,” White said.

“With insects, we use residual sprays and powders along with bait. Bedbugs are treated with heat and products. They'se tough. We can do it, but you have to keep after them. You have to get on a schedule and keep with it.”


Are these treatments safe around pets and children?

“We know how to take the proper precautions so there is no need to worry about children or pets. Everything we use is regulated and EPA-approved. In most cases you don's even have to leave the house, except with treatment for bedbugs.”


How should people prevent pest infestations?

“We have some fantastic residential maintenance programs. We can come by a couple of times a year and keep a house pest-free, [and free of] bugs and rodents. When you build a relationship with a pest control company, you become our priority. It's important to have a relationship with a pest control company just like you do with a plumber or an electrician. It helps us to have a history with a house, because every house is different. Once we know the house's environment, we can work with it.

“Other ways to prevent pest problems are to keep the place neat and free of clutter and maintain the property outside. Cut the bushes back from the house and don's stack firewood against the house. Put bird feeders as far from the house as possible,” he said.


What sets your company apart?

“The people who work for me have a tremendous amount of experience. I have four people who have been working for me for years. They know how to do the job. They can think like a mouse. And they know how to use the materials correctly,” White said.


Editor's Note: The preceding is not an endorsement and is presented for informational purposes only.

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