Tebo & Sons Landscaping & Pool Removal – Company removes pools, restores lawn and landscaping

By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Herb Tebo   Photo/submitted

Herb Tebo

Business name: Tebo & Sons Landscaping & Pool Removal

Address: P.O. Box 187, Douglas, MA

Owner: Herb Tebo

Contact Information: 508-476-3095, 800-649-3095



What types of pools do you remove?

“We remove gunite pools, liner pools and above-ground pools. We also haul away spas and Jacuzzis,” said Herb Tebo, owner of Tebo & Sons, a pool removal company which works throughout the state. “When we haul away a pool, if there are other items that people no longer want, such as pool furniture, we take that as well. If the homeowner doesn’t want a fence any more, we will remove that.”

“Liner pools can last for 30 or 40 years, and gunite pools last forever. People really enjoy their pools and a lot of people are installing pools these days. But sometimes, when the kids are grown or circumstances change, people want to take a pool out.”


How do you remove a pool?

Gunite pools are formed with metal reinforcement rods, sprayed with concrete and finished with plaster. Tebo jackhammers the concrete to break it up. Depending on a town’s regulations and the homeowner’s wishes, the concrete might be used to fill the hole or hauled away.

“We then bring in clean fill for the hole and compact that with a Bobcat. In some cases we put in a lawn. We bring the ground back to as close to the natural grade as possible. In most cases, the yard looks a lot bigger,” Tebo said, noting that he is also a landscaper and can restore the yard after the pool is removed.

It takes about a week to remove a gunite pool.

For an in-ground liner pool, the plastic liner and metal frame are removed. Concrete decking is broken up and either hauled away or used to fill the hole before clean fill is added.

Above-ground pools are disassembled and taken away.


Are permits required?

“In some towns you don’t need a permit, some you do. We call the building inspector to find out if we need a permit for a job.

“Every town has different requirements for removing a gunite pool. Some require that you take it all out. In some towns you can break the pool up into chunks of approximately six inches, take out all the metal and bury the concrete. Some homeowners choose not to leave the concrete in the back yard.”


What do you suggest when people are buying a house with a pool?

“Buyers should have a reputable pool company inspect the pool. I don’t do that type of work. If the buyers don’t want to keep the pool, they can get an estimate for the removal cost and negotiate with the seller,” he said.


How long have you been doing this?

“Approximately 25 or 30 years,” Tebo said. “I was putting pools in, but you can’t do that when the weather is bad. So I started taking out pools. I still build waterfalls around swimming pools for a couple of pool installation companies.”

“I’ve seen a lot of pools that have been in the ground 25 or 30 years that are in good shape. They last longer than most cars. But sometimes people take a pool out to make it easier to sell the house.”

For additional information, see the website www.poolremovalbytebo.com, or call 508-476-3095 or 800-649-3095.







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