‘Dada’ looks back – a Father’s Day reflection

By Jerry Callaghan

Noah Juaire gives his dad Phil a helping hand cutting the lawn. (Photo was taken on June 12, 2004 by Jerry Callghan)

It wasn’t that long ago.  It really wasn’t.  The kids were small and I was God.  They called me Dada but that’s not how they made me feel.  They really did make me feel like God.  I was everything to them.  A hug from me could “take away all their sad”.  A little kiss could make a boo-boo disappear.  I could fix what was “boke” (broken) be it a toy or a small cookie that was now broken in half.  The kids were small and I was God.

It wasn’t that long ago.  It really wasn’t.  I know the years fly but these went by at warp speed.  I was reminded of that just the other day.  My neighbor was cutting the lawn.  His 18 month old was his helper.  Both had lawnmowers.  Both were intent on a perfect lawn.  One was a little boy.  The other was God.

As I watched them work together I couldn’t help but feel sad.  A small boy wanting to be just like his Dad.  A dad quietly teaching.  A dad quietly being proud. Those are the days I miss the most.

I enjoyed those days with my kids when those days were there to be enjoyed. They were very long days.  Every parent knows that.  The kids are up long before most alarm clocks even think of going off. The kids are up and they want to play.  They are up and they want the day to start.

Those long days running after small children are long gone.  Long days from long ago. Yes, the days were long but the years weren’t.  It wasn’t that long ago.  It really wasn’t.  The kids were small and I was God.

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