Summer practice shapes future seasons



Region – There are many places where future sports seasons are shaped. While summer might be a time for some down time, it's also a time where boys and girls are working on their games, getting set for the next levels.

One standard place to work on the game is the Central Mass. Basketball School, Jim Diamantopoulos's boys and girls camp for ages 8 to 17 held at Shrewsbury High School each summer.

At the conclusion of the camp, awards were given to boys and girls in several categories in the four age groups, with D1, being high school, D2, grades 7-8, D3, grades 6-7, and D4 younger. All award winners listed below are Division 1 to 4.

Free throw champs included, for the girls, Liz Nelson (Shrewsbury), Veronica DeLisle (Shrewsbury), Kelley Travers (Northborough) and Alexa Tonelli (Shrewsbury).

Boys free throw winners included Colby Reese (Shrewsbury), Luke Serra (Southborough), Karell Mangual (Worcester) and Dhalyn Sanders (Worcester).

One-on-One Champions were, for the girls, Jewel White (Worcester), Whitney Woodcock (Westborough), Kearan Burke (Shrewsbury) and Molly Terry (Shrewsbury).

Boys winners include Colby Reese (Shrewsbury), Brad Canova (Southborough), Karell Mangual (Worcester) and Dhalyn Sanders (Worcester).

Hot shot winners include, girls, Jewel White (Shrewsbury), Jane Aulenback (Shrewsbury), Kearan Burke (Shrewsbury) and Molly Terry (Shrewsbury).

Boys winners include Colby Reese (Shrewsbury), Scott Howard (Southborough), A.J. Pettway (Worcester) and Matt Bongi (Westborough).

Two-on-Two champs in clude, girls, Jenna Nelson (Shrewsbury) and Alayna White (Worcester), Whitney Woodcock (Westborough) and Nicole Roberts (Milford), Amanda Murphy (Northborough) and Catherin Coad (Northborough), and Molly Terry (Shrewsbury) and Michaela Davies (Northborough).

Boys winners include Jon Phillips (Shrewsbury) and Brandon Kraemer (Shrewsbury), Alex Wallace (Northborough) and Chad Kalil (Southborough), Karell Mangual (Worcester) and Jaimorri Sanders (Worcester), and Dan Green (Shrewsbury) and Evan Carpinella (Northborough).

Voted by the coaches as the most improved: Caitlyn Burke (Shrewsbury), Ameilia Benstead (Shrewsbury), Rebecca Babcock (Northborough) and Samantha Thibodeau (Boylston).

Boys most improved were Matt Kneece (Shrewsbury), Tom O'Donnell (Shrewsbury), Pat Kane (Northborough) and Mike Davis (Hudson).

Best camper awards go to, girls, Jenny Rondeau (Northborough), Veronica DeLisle (Shrewsbury), Kearan Burke (Shrewsbury) and Dorian Mc- Menemy (Northborough).

Boys Best Camper awards go to Jon Phillips (Shrewsbury), Luke Serra (Worcester), Dan Henrickson (Worcester) and Dylan Porcaro (Worcester).

Camp Hustle awards were given in each age group after each camp day. Girls awards went to Erin Simone (Shrewsbury), Caitlyn Burke (Shrewsbury), Rachel Pineda (Shrewsbury), Kelsey Giordano (Shrewsbury), Sarah Campos (Shrewsbury), Jill Hennessy (Milford), Erin Keenan (Shrewsbury, Julianne O'Connell (Northborough), Kelly Petrone (Northborough), Deserra Mosley (Worcester), Grace Morelli (Shrewsbury), Meaghan O'Keefe (Shrewsbury), Alexa Deraney (Shrewsbury) and Emma Aulenback (Shrewsbury).

Boys hustle awards were presented to Dan Waite (Shrewsbury), John Surabian (Shrewsbury), Eric Davis (Hudson), Scott Howard (Southborough), Steve Putnam (Northborough), Jackson Brodeur (Northborough), Sean Hill (Southborough), Hassan Yatim (Shrewsbury), Alex White (Shrewsbury), Kevin Arria (Shrewsbury), Jack Walthall (Westborough), Anthony Laramee (Shrewsbury) and Matt O'Keefe (Shrewsbury).

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