Dirty Hairy's



Hudson – Newly opened Dirty Hairy's, a self-service dog washing and grooming center, has been a hit with the canine crew over the past several months. Decorated with candles and seasonal accessories, Dirty Hairy's is a polished and clean facility that creates a royal spa ambiance for your favorite dog.

Wendy Newcomb, who opened the business in July at 42 Washington St. in Hudson, said that after years of doing things because she had to, she decided it was time to create a business that she always wanted to.

"The concept is that you come and wash and groom your own dog," she said.

Dirty Hairy's off ers two washing tubs and two grooming/ drying stations equipped with the highest quality grooming equipment. Included with each wash is a complimentary bandanna and groomers-grade shampoos, featuring seasonal favorites. This month's are holly berry, peppermint and gingerbread.

Newcomb, who is an animal lover with two dogs of her own, said that she had met so many people over the years that did not feel comfortable leaving their animals with a groomer and preferred to do the grooming themselves.

"Whether it is because of health problems or prior negative experiences, many dogs do better being groomed by their own owners," Newcomb said. "I have tried to create an environment where both the owner and pet can relax, enjoy and bond."

Realizing that not all pet owners know how to groom their animals, Newcomb said that she is available to work with the owners to show them how to clean their dogs from cleaning their ears and checking their paw pads to painting their toes.

"You should not be afraid to poke and pick … Learn how to clip your dog's toe nails," she said. "Owners should not be embarrassed if they do not know how to clean their animals. Many times people are not aware that they needed to."

She explained that she has had dogs come in who have not had a bath for eight or 10 years. Bathing, she explained, can be very beneficial medically for a dog because it can help detect skin conditions, or lumps and bumps. She said that she has had referrals come through veterinarians and that through regular bathing schedules pet owners can sometimes reduce veterinary bills.

"That is the whole point," she said. "I want people to have time to spend with their animals and to help create an awareness."

With a mission of creating a better relationship between pet owners and pets, Newcomb said that her business is family friendly.

The average wash takes about a half an hour and can run longer or shorter based on the owner's and the dog's needs. Weekends are generally busier and Newcomb recommended booking a tub time ahead.

Newcomb also offers a professional groomer who is available by appointment, and an in-house boutique of animal items, including a doggie treat bakery. Although she does off er these other services, her main goal is to give pet owners an aff ordable place to bath and groom their animals. The cost for a medium to large dog is about $18, including everything from shampoo to drying.

With the holidays only weeks away, call 978-567-WASH (9274) to get more information or to book your tub time to give your dirty dog a good scrub.

Editor's Note: the preceding is not an endorsement and is presented for informational purposes only.