The Olde Post Office Pub



PHOTO/K.A. ESPOSITO Executive Chef Stephen Lombardi and server Samantha Scott of the Olde Post Office Pub in North Grafton.

Region – After my son hosted two sleepovers in three days, I needed a break from the house, so I took him to the Olde Post Offic e Pub for lunch. It was our first visit, but it won't be our last.

We were greeted almost immediately and off ered a table in the pub, whose bright, clean atmosphere was tempting, the dining area or the patio. We chose the cozy dining room, with its deep booths and colorful Post Offic e memorabilia.

It took some time to study the extensive menu, so I ordered iced tea ($2.50) and my son ordered root beer ($2.85) and was delighted when it turned out to be his favorite brand. He also went for his favorite appetizer, potato skins ($7.99), and I chose onion rings ($5.99).

Our order came quickly, and we were overwhelmed immediately by the amount of food. The onion rings, piled in a large basket, were clearly made at the restaurant. Crisp and hot, the hand-sliced onions dipped in a tasty batter were enough to make a meal and reason enough to come back. A special attraction was the spicy chili dipping sauce that came with them.

The platter of potato skins was another meal in itself. In fact, this was the first time I ever brought home a doggie bag of appetizers, much to my husband's delight. The thick sections of potato skins covered in melted cheese surrounding a mound of crisp bacon bits were delicious, off ering more potato than is typical, and plenty of flavor.

It's a good thing we saved some room, because our main meals were equally plentiful. Feeling tired and chilled from the damp weather, I ordered a turkey shepherd's pie ($8.99). It was a comfortfood fest in a dish: turkey sliced from the bird, rich gravy dotted with corn, covered with smooth mashed potatoes and baked, with a side of cranberry sauce. It was the perfect combination.

My son chose the seafood platter ($21.99), a pile of delicately battered shrimp, clams, scallops and haddock, served with crisp fries and cole slaw. He clearly enjoyed the fresh seafood, but he had already set his sights on dessert, so once again, we had our friendly server pack up the leftovers.

His dessert choice was the chocolate cream pie ($6.29), which again demonstrated the Post Offic e Pub' s generou s servings. And our server, Samantha, made sure to bring me a fork, too. The large slice of pie came on a plate garnished with chocolate sauce and an extra dollop of fresh whipped cream. It was almost too pretty to eat, but our love of food overpowered our love of beauty, and we dug in. The pie featured a mousse-like chocolate filling topped with cream, and was both light and delicious. It went well with my freshly brewed coff ee ($2.35).

Between the attentive service and the great, plentiful food, the Olde Post Offic e Pu b i s no w hig h o n m y lis t o f are a restaurants.

The Post Offic e Pub , a t th e intersectio n o f Rout e 14 0 an d Ray Street in North Grafton, is open Monday through Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, visit or call 508-839-6106.