BUSINESS PROFILE: All-Access Physical Therapy


By Nancy Brumback Contributing Writer

BUSINESS PROFILE: All-Access Physical Therapy
(l to r) Co-owners Steve Messineo and Mark Powicki, Director of Operations Kevin Flaherty and a friend. PHOTO/NANCYBRUMBACK

Shrewsbury – “We'se not just a physical therapy center and we'se not just a gym. We are all about people having access to their optimal health,” said Kevin Flaherty, director of operations, at All-Access Physical Therapy.

The facility, on Route 9, specializes in helping patients recover from sports injuries and accidents, with a staff of seven physical therapists, including Flaherty, and one physical therapy assistant.

But there's also a more conventional gym affiliate, All-Access Fitness Academy, with three personal trainers. Patients who have completed a prescribed physical therapy regimen can continue an exercise program there, knowing that the trainers can check with their physical therapist if questions arise. The Fitness Academy is open to the public for regular gym memberships.

All-Access Physical Therapy was started in 2002 by co-owners Steve Messineo and Mark Powicki, who are physical therapists.

Patients, said Flaherty, are often recommended by local physicians or orthopedic practices, and physical therapy is usually covered by insurance with a physician referral.

“The most important piece of our work is the initial assessment,” he said. “A patient will meet with a therapist for questions, testing and assessment to determine the problem and develop a plan for treatment.”

Generally, patients have a session at All-Access once or twice a week, and are given an exercise plan to work on at home, as well over a period of a month to eight weeks.

“We are building a plan that works for them,” Flaherty said. “We make sure they know what to do and keep them accountable. We may also suggest changes, for example, in their work environment,” to keep a problem from reoccurring.

In addition to providing physical therapy, All-Access therapists are trained in assessing the need for orthotic devices for shoes and can recommend custom orthotics and have them made.

All-Access also works with local sports teams on strength and conditioning programs. Along with cardio and strength-training equipment, the gym section includes an open area that allows for running drills, a portable pitcher's mound for baseball training, and a golf net for a golf fitness program.

Shrewsbury High School teams work with All-Access, and the company provides an athletic trainer at the school in the afternoons.

The firm offers an eight-week program of off-ice conditioning for kids 11 and 12 who are playing ice hockey, and preseason strength and conditioning sessions for Little League baseball teams and for lacrosse players ages 8 to12 and 13 to16.

Flaherty stressed the importance of knowledgeable trainers when working with young athletes whose bones and muscles are not fully developed, for example, using resistance exercises rather than weights in strength training.

In the summer, All-Access sponsors a training program for teen athletes, Doctor of Fitness, that runs eight to 12 weeks. The strength and conditioning program is supervised by a trainer so the teens improve without injuries.

The facility also has a sixweek golf program, currently in process, with a trainer to suggest exercises for golfers and a golf pro to provide analysis of swings.

All-Access Physical Therapy is located at 904c Boston Turnpike Rd. (Route 9) in Shrewsbury. Information about programs is available at the website,, and the phone number is 508-845-3500.

Editor's Note: the preceding is not an endorsement and is presented for informational purposes only.

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