LETTER: Henry Fitzgerald for Selectman


I worked with Henry Fitzgerald on the Shrewsbury High School and the Oak Middle School building committees from 1998 through 2007. We attended monthly and bimonthly meetings, walked the sites, argued with contractors about unanticipated site conditions, dealt with the bankruptcies of two general contractors and endured a major fire. Henry pushed forward to meet deadlines and made sure quality products and workmanship would prevail. He paid attention to numerous punch list items relentlessly. When there was mold/mildew in some new construction walls at the new High School, I remember Henry's fist rapping at the replaced wood saying, “Let's get going here and finish this work!” to the Contractor.

Henry Fitzgerald's intensive involvement with the completion of these two beautiful schools in town showcases his comprehensive knowledge, intelligence and work experience. He will carry this superior expertise to the job of Selectman in Shrewsbury. He has proven his love and devotion to the town by Chairing school building committees long after his own children have graduated. He has made Shrewsbury his home since 1977 and wants to serve on the BOS to use his vast leadership talents for the good of the town in all fiscal matters as well. His work experience is a great asset to the job of Selectman. Fitzgerald believes in educating our children, keeping us safe and maintaining our infrastructure. He also supports capital projects that bring long term value to our community. “We must demand a pause from this continual cascade of Federal and State Mandates or a better funding mechanism to ensure stability” he says. As Selectman, Fitzgerald will encourage companies to come and to stay in Shrewsbury by maintaining the uniform tax rate. He will be a leader of the utmost type. With diligence, he will pursue our town's goals as his own. The residents of Shrewsbury will be the recipients of his benevolence and his astute, discerning character. Join me and together, we will elect this fine gentleman to the Board of Selectman by voting on May 3, 2011 in our town election.

Sandra L. McManus
Town Meeting Member
Precinct 4, Shrewsbury

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