One seat open in Northborough Board of Selectmen race


Aaron H. Hutchins The Community Advocate contacted all the candidates in this year's contested local elections and asked if they would submit written answers to the questions we sent them. Each candidate was given the same set of questions. As of press time, here is the response, in his own words, from the only candidate for the Northborough Board of Selectmen who replied to our request.

Aaron H. Hutchins – Current: Attorney at Hutchins Law, P.C. Education: J.D., New England Law; B.A., Brigham Young University. Memberships: Massachusetts and Worcester County Bar Associations; Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce; BNI; CASA. Interests: Piano; sports; creative writing; chess; volunteering. Personal: Fluent in French; Eagle Scout; married 15 years and father of three girls.

What specific career or personal experience in your past do you feel prepares you for this position and why?

Hutchins – A qualified candidate for the Board of Selectmen would know what it's like to buy and own a home, put children through a school system, start up and run a business and support a family. He should also be someone who knows what it's like to volunteer years of one's life in service to a people and a community without compensation. I meet all of those qualifications; and I come from a family renowned for its service to the Town of Northborough.

What level of involvement do you think residents should play in local politics?

Hutchins – I think anyone serving in public office would prefer an informed public to an ignorant or situational one. Far better that citizens track and understand the overall workings of their public officials than to have them wait until an issue arises which affects them directly, or react based on perception rather than knowledge. Granted, much of the regular business of government can be mundane or even boring, but everyone is affected by it, so it behooves us all to learn it.

In many towns, the school budget is 50 percent or more of the overall budget. What ideas do you have that will help ensure equity, so that the needs of the schools as well as the town will be met?

Hutchins – Northborough is fortunate to have John Coderre as its administrator. I'se had several opportunities recently to listen to and meet with him. I am impressed by his vision, work ethic and management. I see no issues with regards to budgetary equality as it relates to the town's non-educational needs. Looking forward to fiscal year 2012, five of the six major upcoming issues or projects, as outlined in the budget message, are non-educational in nature, including a major downtown traffic improvement redesign.

What US political figure, local or national, past or present, do you admire the most and why?

Hutchins – The political figure I would admire most would be someone who understands that leadership is not the promotion of self, but the promotion of others; someone who understands that leadership means leading by example; someone who understands the value of principles and law; someone who understands the difference between compassion and justice, and acts accordingly. I's like to think that the current Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, fits that mold.