Hurricane notice update issued by Hudson


Hurricane notice update issued by HudsonHudson– As of Friday, the Town of Hudson has been operating under a local state of emergency corresponding to the State and Federal declarations which will facilitate our emergency response and access to potential Federal Disater Relief in dealing with Hurricane Irene.

The Town will activate its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to coordinate local storm-response actions at 6 a.m. Sunday Aug. 28
At 9 a.m. on Sunday, the Farley School at 119 Cottage St. will be opened as an emergency shelter for those who are unable remain in their own homes or at those of family or friends.

Although the storm has been downgraded, wind gusts of up to 80 mph and extremely heavy rains of up to 10 inches are expected.

For the duration of the storm: if you see wires of any type down, do not touch them, but call the Hudson Fire Department at 1-978-562-3434 to report them.

If your basement is flooding and threatening any of your utilities with electrical connections, call the Hudson Fire Department at 1-978-562-3434.

If you experience sewer surcharging, call the Public Works Department at 1-978-562-9333 or the Emergency Operations Center (after 6 a.m. Sunday) at 1-978-562-5565, if there is no answer.

If you must seek shelter at the Farley School, but do not have transportation to get there, call the Emergency Operations Center at (after 6 a.m. Sunday) at 1-978-562-5565.

For all emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Please refer to earlier notices on the Town website,, for additional instructions and information about this event.

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