Lake Quinsigamond public health advisory lifted


Lake Quinsigamond public health advisory liftedShrewsbury/Worcester – The Worcester Division of Public Health announced this afternoon that the Public Health Advisory for Lake Quinsigamond has been lifted. Results from yesterday's water quality sampling performed by the City of Worcester Department of Inspectional Services have indicated that the water quality has returned to normal levels.

As a result of last Thursday morning's heavy rains, a by-pass of two sewer pump stations resulted in bacteria levels exceeding acceptable water quality standards south of the Route 9 Bridge at Lake Quinsigamond. To protect the public's health and the environment, Public Health officials from the City of Worcester and the Town of Shrewsbury had advised area residents not utilize this section of Lake Quinsigamond for recreational purposes such as fishing, boating and bathing.

“We are pleased to report that the latest samples obtained from Lake Quinsigamond yesterday indicated that the water has returned to acceptable levels,” said Derek Brindisi, Director of Public Health. “The Division of Public Health is lifting the advisory and encouraging the public to resume normal activities in and around the water.”