Pro Shrewsbury library vote #7


The Shrewsbury Public Library is a focal point in our community; a vibrant and welcoming place with an ideal location in the center of town. There is value for everyone in having a library that is current in its programming and able to meet the changing needs of our growing community. Unfortunately, this building has reached the end of its useful life and is plagued by leaks, unmanageable maintenance costs and accessibility issues. Shrewsbury has been approved to receive $7.96 million in state grant money to help build a new library. This money, coupled with private fundraising, will make our tax dollars go farther and produce a library with more useable space.

Opponents of the project believe libraries will become a thing of the past as technology makes books obsolete. I disagree. I can shop online, but I still go to the store. I can rent a movie, yet there is something special about going to the theater. Technology changes things, however the new library will offer multiple ways for people to utilize the latest advances in technology.

The way people use the library constantly changes because a library is more than books on a shelf. It's a place to gather and interact, ask questions and receive answers, access the internet, download music, read the newspaper, or pass a rainy morning with small children. Taking advantage of this state grant creates a library equipped to serve the residents of Shrewsbury for generations to come. Please vote YES on October 18th.

Beth Casavant


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