Pro Shrewsbury library vote #1


To The Editor,

We have a historic opportunity to vote in support of our Shrewsbury Public Library building project on October 18. The Shrewsbury Library is a community center that provides library services for every member of the community from families with toddlers coming to their first storytime to seniors receiving outreach services. In the ten years since our family has relocated back to Shrewsbury, I have seen our library and its staff providing exemplary library service from collection development to library programming. As our community has grown and library use has increased, the Shrewsbury Library staff has done their best to use a building that is aging and does not have the space to meet the community's needs. It is time for our community to get a library building that not only meets the current needs of our community but will be there for our children and their children.

I ask that you join me in voting yes on October 18 for the future of our library and the community it serves.

Carol Anne Geary

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