Town of Southborough to survey residents


southboroSouthborough – The Town of Southborough announced that it will conduct its first-ever Resident Survey. The town will be mailing the survey this week to every household in Southborough with a return date by November 11, 2011. Residents may complete the printed survey and return it via mail or it may be dropped off at several convenient collection points in town. The survey can also be completed online. All responses are anonymous.

Resident Surveys are an increasingly popular and cost-effective way to allow boards of selectmen, town administrators and staff to obtain statistically significant data on important questions affecting town government. Town services such as schools, recreation and trash collection have a significant impact on the quality of life for residents. A well-designed Resident Survey acts as a road map for town officials as they manage and allocate resources to provide those services.

“We are very excited by the prospect of being able to collect and analyze input from every household in Southborough,” said Jean Kitchen, town administrator, Town of Southborough. “We would like to achieve 100 percent participation because this is an easy and convenient way for residents to express their opinions to us. I urge every household in town to make their voices heard by completing their Resident Survey.”

Southborough's first Resident Survey has been developed with the assistance and consultation of a group of Masters of Public Administration students at Clark University. This team has consulted with Southborough's Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator and citizens in developing the survey. The Clark University team has significant expertise to offer Southborough in developing and delivering Resident Surveys as majority of them currently work in Massachusetts municipal government and the team's advisor is a town manager in a central Massachusetts community. This familiarity with municipal government ensures that the Resident Survey methodology and analysis will deliver results that will enable Southborough officials to take actions that reflect the wishes of the entire town.

The survey, with detailed instructions, will be mailed to all households shortly. Residents may either complete the survey on the Internet or return the printed survey via mail. Residents may also return completed surveys to a drop box in the Town House, the Library, the Senior Center or at Southborough's transfer station.

Results of the survey will be tabulated and presented to the town's Board of Selectmen at a meeting in December at Southborough Town House. Results will also be available on the town's website at The Town's annual report, containing detailed information about Southborough, is available on the web at

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