The Tempest performed Nov. 17 – 19 at Hudson High School


The Tempest performed Nov. 17 – 19 at Hudson High SchoolHudson – Shakespeare's final play, The Tempest, comes to life at Hudson High School Nov. 17, 18 and 19, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $7 at the door, and all donations go to benefit the Hudson High School Drama Society.

A dethroned duke, Prospero, seeks revenge on those who usurped his power and creates a tempest to draw them to his island. But Prospero is haunted by the creatures of his mind, the monstrous Caliban and the statuesque Ariel, who join together in rebellion against his domain. A story of revenge, madness, memory, family, love, and loss, The Tempest reminds us that we can never truly control others, but we can learn to forgive.

The production boasts a cast and crew of 30 students, including original piano compositions played live at performances by the composer, freshman Taylor Bowen. Sophomore Jeremy Saunders leads the cast as Prospero, joined by juniors John McLean as Caliban and Heleena DiMare as Ariel. Rounding out the cast are Kyah Eichholz (junior) and Gage Wheeler (senior), as the lovers Miranda and Ferdinand; Alyssa Russell and Brandon Barney (juniors) as the comical drunks Trinculo and Stephano; Laura Fagan, Madeline Burk (juniors), Monicky Marcelino (Junior), Nick Allan (sophomores), Brooke Leibowitz and Teddy Waszazak (freshmen) as Prospero's ambitious enemies; and Sammi Waldsmith, Sydney Orason (sophomores), Nadia Medeiros, Sammy Myette and Stephanie Kall (freshmen) as Ariel's sprites. The Tempest is stage managed by Tessa Dinnie (junior), assisted by Kayleigh Kenny (freshman). Crew members include Jenn Hureau, Corinne Catanzaro, Steven Pena, Shannon Nugent, Kat Meyer, Sadie Tremblay, Leia Owen, Erika Civitarese, Kennedy Prashaw, David Lebese, and Krystal Leger.

Hudson High School is located at 69 Brigham St. For more information, call 1-978- 567-6250.