Marlborough Education Foundation announces 2011/2012 grant awards


Marlborough Education Foundation announces 2011/2012 grant awardsMarlborough – The Marlborough Education Foundation (MEF), an independent, nonprofit, community-based corporation is pleased to announce its 2011/2012 grant award recipients. This year, over $15,700 will be distributed to grant recipients.

Early Childhood Center

Karen Briggs will receive $866.62 for “Introducing and Reinforcing Mathematical Concepts through Literature.”

Jaworek Elementary School

Lauren Callahan will receive $876.89 for “iPad for Student Use in Speech-Language Therapy”; Audrey Moore and Molly Callahan will receive $860.00 for “Using iPads to Connect with ELL Students on the Fly”; Carol Wood will receive $860.00 for “Listening to Reading – Daily 5”; Irene Mazmanian and Paula Emino will reeive $299.95 for “Technology Update to Enhance Health/Wellness Curriculum”; and Kelly Hall will receive $551.20 for “U.S. Regions Die Cuts.” The recipients of the Carvalho/Roth Grant to promote literacy, Audrey McNickol, Tracy Jackman, Maureen McDonough and Rebecca Kaija, will receive $2055. 90 for “Leading Strong, Efficient Writing Workshops, Grades 3-4.”

Kane Elementary School

Tania Benedetto and Amy Ryan will receive $865.44 for “Independence is in the Box” and Jane Williams/Eileen Halliday will receive $1129.90 for “Document Cameras.”

Richer Elementary School

Julie Baker and Johanna Merfield will receive $258.86 for “Student Mural Celebrating Diversity in the School” and Paula DiPerri and Joan D”Onofrio will receive $1637.90 for “Read Naturally for Fourth Grade Fluency.”

Whitcomb School

Lauren Yurkus and Jeanne Gutowski will receive $898.95 for “Specialized Programs to Enhance and Access Communication”; Erin Casey, Joy Collier and Danielle Martins will receive $390 for “BrainPOP for all Learners”; and Alfred Massicotte will receive $565 for “Document Camera for Teaching Writing and Reading.” The recipient of the FishEye Software Grant to promote technology, Jeff Gay, will redeive $2194.50 for “Bridge and Tower Tester with PDE Display.”

Marlborough High School

Julie Baker and Kristi Oliver will receive $1454.68 for “Digital Work Station for Student Mac Lab.”

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