AMSA students beat faculty, 7-6


AMSA students beat faculty, 7-6Marlborough – Advanced Math and Science Academy students and parents gathered to watch the first Student-Faculty Soccer Game Nov. 15. Mr. Lubawski drew laughter from the crowd as he ran out in a long cape and Bob Marley-like dreadlocks, comically tripping over the cape now and then.

After the introduction of both teachers and students, the game was on. Both teams wanted to win, and the stakes were high – students yearned for redemption, while teachers strove to keep their winning streak going.

Student Alec Boyle stopped the first goal from entering the net, and the student morale rose. Mr. Amaral scored a goal from halfway across the field as the game continued to grow in intensity. Suddenly, the pressure got to Mr. Brucato and, ignoring all rules, he picked up the ball and ran as fast as he could to the goal. No one could stop him – no one except the referee, that is.

Throughout the game, humorous and witty commentary came from Bill Warner, Mitch McLean and Menachem Lattke.

The first period ended with a tie at 4.

Adam Budzinski started off the second period by leading students with a chant of “Eagles! Eagles! Eagles!” and the game resumed. The students were on fire, blocking and scoring goal after goal. At three minutes left in the period, the faculty was trailing by two points: students were in the lead 6-4. Then two teachers managed to get the ball past the goalie. Mr. Bengiovani scored the fifth goal, and Mr. Crouse managed a corner kick that bounced off Mary Lyon's knee and earned the teachers another goal.

Students and teachers were unsatisfied with the tie, and chaos broke out as students and parents rushed to form a circle around the players. Mr. McAdams and Alec Boyle showed off their goalie skills as each team was awarded five penalty shots. Igor Pessoni, Jeremy Brugg, Linda Budzinski, and Ryan Newbury earned the students four points, while on the teachers” side only Mr. Amaral and Ms. Jagielsky were able to keep the teachers in the contest. The game ended with a pleased student body and disappointed teachers who had gotten used to winning.