Disabled American Veterans appreciate city's support


To the citizens of Marlborough,

Please find in this missive an expression of deep appreciation for the generosity area citizens and businesses gave during our annual Forget-me-not drive.

As all are aware, Salvatore Padula, Chapter 62, Disabled American Veterans of America, is now approaching our 65th year of being “Marlborough's own” in assisting our area veterans while they serve on the front lines on our behalf. One only needs to look at our local monuments to know that the city has always been in the forefront of answering our country's call and putting its sons and daughters to confront those who would seek to divide or conquer us. Always remember that 100 percent of all funds collected stays local and goes directly to our sick and injured of past and present conflicts in military hospitals.

In closing we again extend our thanks to the citizens; area businesses; Price Chopper, Stop & Shop, CVS, Walmart, St. Mary's Credit Union, the U.S. Post Office, the Boy Scouts of America; and our national, state, and local political leaders for their many years of support.

Robert Page
Chapter 82 Commander

Kathleen Bryce
Chapter 82 Ladies Auxiliary Commander

Michael Da Vona
Chapter 82 Chaplain

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