Northeast Insurance Agency, Inc.: New Westborough office serves Metrowest clients


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Northeast Insurance Agency, Inc.: New Westborough office serves Metrowest clients
Northeast Insurance's Westborough office has moved to a new location. The Westborough staff includes (l to r) Ralph Reynolds, Amy Bisson, Susan Cosolito and Nancy Neuwirth. Photo/Nancy Brumback

Business name: Northeast Insurance Agency, Inc.

Address: 45 East Main Street, Westborough

Co-owners: Stan Szajna and Scott Bulger

Contact Information: 508-898-2902


What types of insurance does your agency offer?

“We sell property and casualty insurance. We specialize in auto, homeowner, and business insurance,” said Stan Szajna, co-owner and treasurer of Northeast Insurance, which recently relocated its Westborough office to the Colonial Plaza at 45 East Main St. The company has five other offices in Massachusetts and is licensed in all New England states.

“We represent approximately 26 different insurance companies. There's a complete list on our website,

“We also specialize in coastal property and high-value homes. We have two offices on Cape Cod, one in Falmouth and one in Provincetown. Most companies shy away from any coastal exposure, whether it's North Shore, South Shore or on the Cape, but we represent some companies that are doing an excellent job insuring coastal properties.”


What services do you provide?

“We analyze each client's situation, and, with the number of companies we represent, we are able to offer the best possible price for the appropriate coverage. Every company has a little different strength and pricing ability. We can evaluate your needs and match them to a company and possibly improve coverage and price,” Szajna said.

“Last year was a devastating year, from the beginning of the year when we had water damage due to ice dams to the tornado and then tropical storm Irene. That's why you carry insurance. When these events happen, call and we help any way we can.

“We stress personal service and direct contact with our clients.”


How often should people review insurance policies?

“Every policy should be reviewed at least every other year. Many people probably haven's looked at their policy in five or 10 years. In many cases people don's know exactly what type of coverage they have or what they should have. Do they have an adequate amount of homeowner's insurance? Do they have coverage for any business exposure with a home office? Have they acquired jewelry or fine art? They may think they are covered for flood damage when in fact they are not. The only way to know that is to meet with an independent agent to analyze their situation.

“Some people may be overinsured. They may have coverage for things they had several years ago that they no longer need. Same thing with auto insurance. If you have a car that's 12 years old, do you really need collision insurance? And in the case of liability coverage on your home and automobile, people shouldn's rely on the basic minimum when they'se acquired assets over the years that they need to protect.

“You don's have to wait until a policy renews. The best thing is to review it beforehand, whenever you'se thinking about it, because changes can be made at any time.”