Sellers WANTED….


By Michelle Gillespie

Sellers WANTED….
Michelle Gillespie, Realtor

The spring real estate market is heating up! In my January article, “Preparing for an Early Spring Market,” I predicted that buyers would take advantage of the mild winter weather and continued low interest rates, and would be looking to buy houses now. This has become truly evident this month, with busy open houses and buyer's agents looking for new inventory.

Right now in our area, housing inventory is low, and current listings have been on the market for a while. Buyers, and buyer's agents, are looking for new, fresh inventory. What does this mean for potential sellers? Less competition for your property! Properly priced houses are selling, so if you are thinking of selling, now's the time!

Are you ready to sell? If you are ready to put your house on the market, let me suggest several strategies to get the most out of your property.


Pricing for a profitable listing

The greatest challenge for every seller is the listing price: What should my initial listing price be? When should I make a price reduction? How often should I reposition my price? In today's competitive real estate market, sellers must reasonably price their home.

As a seller, strategic planning is essential in determining a competitive listing price. It should not be an emotional decision, which is why a professional estimation of a legitimate selling price will be extremely valuable for your pricing strategy. For example, a carefully prepared competitive market analysis will show how your house compares to similar homes sold in your town, and will utilize the data of what has sold in the past six months, so that you can estimate what buyers are willing to pay for a house like yours.

My market report would include similar-style homes with comparable numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, and size. A house in a secluded, exclusive area may appeal to some, while others will want to be closer to schools or in a neighborhood. A house on a busy or cut-through street, however, will command less than a similar house in a neighborhood. An important factor to consider in evaluating the listing price is the condition of home – the ever-so-important curb appeal. Will it charm a growing family or is it best suited for someone downsizing?

With many years of experience, I can objectively evaluate your home's location, condition, and size. Properly priced homes will sell quicker in this current market, and as your realtor I will work with you to determine what that price should be. In the end I will negotiate with a buyer's agent on your behalf to ensure a good, reasonable market price for the sale of your home.

Marketing your property

Homebuyers begin their search on the Internet. My state-of-the-art website will provide you with the information you need, from viewing houses online and receiving updates via e-mail to using many of the links as helpful tools.

To showcase your home online, I will provide professional photos and videos of your home, which will be included on many other real estate websites and in my marketing materials. In addition to Internet marketing, I provide my clients with print and direct mail advertising to ensure as much coverage for their listing as possible. In tandem with high seller demand, my marketing plan will be more efficient and effective in selling your home.


Now's the time!

If you are thinking of selling your home, and would like to discuss the best approach for a positive outcome, or if you are looking for a new home, call me, Michelle Gillespie, at 508-934-9818 or email [email protected]. Visit my website at for more information.

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