Paton Pride, PTO fundraising successful


Paton Pride, PTO fundraising successfulTo the Shrewsbury Community:

Cheers spontaneously erupted and were undoubtedly heard throughout Central Massachusetts on Monday morning at approximately 10:56 a.m. — the exact moment that Ms. Wilkin joyfully announced during Paton Pride that the Paton PTO has completed fundraising AND that the new playground will be installed this spring. That's right… we'se done it!! Together, through the hard work and dedication of so many – local businesses, community organizations, private donors, Shrewsbury families and the grassroots efforts of Paton students themselves – we raised just over $70,000 in less than 11 months. We achieved our goal two years ahead of schedule. Simply remarkable!
I's sure many of you remember that cold, dreary day last March when the playground equipment was suddenly torn down; leaving Paton's courtyard barren and downright depressing. At times throughout this journey, playground fundraising needs seemed absolutely daunting. However, perseverance paid off; the greater Shrewsbury community displayed true commitment, innovation and “Paton Pride” throughout the playground rebuild process. Without skipping a beat, we worked tirelessly to form a dedicated fundraising team, created a cross-functional equipment selection committee and by taking a page from the “corporate playbook” developed a multi-faceted project strategy. Then, we hit the pavement HARD to raise awareness and money needed to achieve streamlined success.
Personally, I can's thank the greater-Shrewsbury community enough for its time, thoughtfulness, generosity and commitment to Paton and the children of Shrewsbury. To the MANY Paton parents and community volunteers who worked very long hours along the way: your efforts, time, energy and professionalism have made our school, the district and community proud. I thank every one of you — from the bottom of my heart –for all your tireless efforts.
I encourage every donor, volunteer and student who contributed their time, resources and talents to take a moment to bask in the success of our efforts. We did what many thought impossible; we raised $70,000 in a harsh economic environment to rebuild the playground in less than 11 months. In fact, the children of our community will be playing on a new play space a mere 14 months after demolition. Inspiring!
Celebrate, enjoy, and be proud of what we have accomplished. However, our work is not done, not quite! Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 19th – we will need “all hands on deck” to install Paton's new playground via a Community Build Project. Many volunteers are needed (50-80) to work under the direction of state certified playground builder/inspector to turn our community efforts into reality. If you are willing and able to donate your time and talents to help build the Paton Playground on Saturday, May 19th, please email [email protected]. Many hands make light work!
On a personal note, I simply can's wait until children see the new playground for the first time. The pure joy and excitement on their faces will make the rebuilding journey all worthwhile. Thank you citizens of Shrewsbury for proving yet again your strong commitment to our youth!

Warm Regards,

Lorraine Daignault
President, Paton PTO
Chairperson, Paton Playground Rebuild Committee

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