Hydrant flushing in Southborough from April 23 – 27


southboroSouthborough – From April 23 to 27, the hydrants in Southborough will be flushed. The flushing program flushes water mains in order to remove naturally occurring tuberculation and sedimentation. This will cause discoloration of the water. The water is not hazardous or harmful, but it will stain laundry.

When you have discolored water, refrain from using hot water (that will pull the discolored water into your hot water tank and make it more difficult to flush the discolored water from the house). When you have discolored water, flush your water pipes at the end of the day (after 4 p.m.). Flush your water pipes by running your cold water until it runs clear; bathtub faucets flush water the fastest.

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