Shrewsbury schools’ Book Blizzard 2012 wraps up


Shrewsbury schools’ Book Blizzard 2012 wraps up
The winners of the Paton School Book Blizzard sponsored read-a-thon are (l to r) Ahura Shadfar, Anna Cardani, Maya Welland and Sharon Wu. Photo/Submitted

Shrewsbury – The Paton Book Blizzard read-a-thon had 77 percent of Paton students participating, and 4,891 reading hours were logged over a three-week period. Over $4,866 has been raised for titles to add to the school's media collection, and will pay for some new iPads for the teachers to use with small groups of students.

The students enjoyed the program's activities, which included scavenger hunts for snow-related items (first grade), and for snow-themed books (third grade), and a Snowflake Bentley lesson and activity (second grade). All students scratched designs on bookmarks, enjoyed snowflake rubbings, guessed how many candies in the snowman jar and received stickers. Students also created a “blizzard” of paper snowflakes on the media center walls with titles read.

The winner of the poster contest: Emma Brady in Mrs. Cormier's third-grade class. Winner of the snowman jar: Caleb Juaire in Mrs. Gustafson's second-grade class; he guessed the exact amount of 225. Top first-grade reader: Maya Welland in Mrs. Catalanotti's class, with 78.4 hours. Top second-grade reader: Anna Cardani in Mrs. Gustafson's class, with 56.08 hours. Top third-grade reader: Sharon Wu in Mrs. Darling's class, with 117.77 hours. Top fourth-grade reader: Ahura Shadfar in Mrs. Leifer's class, with 137.42 hours.

These students received an AMF bowling party for six people that included two hours of bowling, shoes, pizza and soda.

Top reading classes: Mrs. Catalanotti's, Mrs. Symonds”, Mrs. Cormier's and Mrs. Leifer's classes. Those students will enjoy pizza parties at school.

Classes with 100 percent participation: Mrs. Gustafson's and Mrs. Cormier's classes.

Students with over 100 hours of reading: Danush Chelladurai, Ahura Shadfar and Sharon Wu.

Parent Trish Jones coordinated the project.

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