Five tips for spring cleaning


Five tips for spring cleaning
Michelle Gillespie, Realtor

The spring real estate market is here and with it come buyers! If you'se thinking about selling your home, consider this: over 90 percent of buyers start their search online, looking at homes in their price range and location, and then follow that up with “the drive-by.” This is why the way your house looks on the outside can determine whether potential buyers will want to take a look on the inside.

There's nothing quite as beneficial as doing a great “spring cleaning” job. These five tips can help:


1. De-Clutter. The first piece of advice I would give you as your real estate agent is to reduce clutter in your home. Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to get rid of items you no longer use. Clean out all your closets, collect your old books and the kids” toys they no longer play with, and hold a garage sale or donate them to a local charity. A de-cluttered home is always more attractive to the homebuyer. Remember, you'se moving so it's time to start packing.


2. Curb appeal. This is more important than ever in the nice weather, when buyers are more likely to spend time outside looking at the exterior of the house and the property. Make sure to have a well-maintained lawn, and keep the hedges trimmed. Spruce things up by buying some inexpensive, yet colorful flowers and spread fresh mulch in flowerbeds. Fill in any bare spots on your lawn with sod or seed. Clean your gutters and put away any rakes or winter shovels that clutter the yard.


3. Windows. The phrase “I don's do windows” should never apply when selling a home. A clean window brings more light into a room and lets buyers see what the view will be when they look out of their potential new home. Clean both the inside and outside of all windows until they are streak free and spotless. This includes all sliding glass doors, garage windows, and outside doors.


4. Attention to detail. Pay close attention to the “little” things that might draw the eye of a prospective homebuyer. Inspect each room of your house for things like small holes in the wall where a painting used to hang, outlets that are missing a cover, or doorknobs that are loose and squeaky. Also, be sure to check all of the caulking around sinks, faucets, and tubs, as well as any grout in tile counters or bathtubs. The time and small amount of money to fix these items will reduce the reasons for someone not liking your home.


5. Power wash. Clean your driveway, walkway, siding, and deck. You don's need to buy a new power washer; they are easy to rent from your local hardware store. Power washing removes layers and years of dirt and grime from stone and cement, including mildew stains from the winter. Power washing the porch, a fence, or deck clears away all the dirt and debris and makes the home instantly seem cleaner. If the outside of your home looks dirty, you may leave the impression that you didn's keep up the entire home. Make sure everything looks top notch.


If this seems like a lot to tackle at once, don's worry: I have access to many professionals who can help you make your home look its best!

Looking ahead, I anticipate another successful spring and summer market. If you are thinking of selling or buying a house or relocating, or if you need a referral, call me, Michelle Gillespie, for all your real estate needs at 508-934-9818, or e-mail [email protected]. Visit my website at for more information.