American Lung Association bike events “Go Green” in honor of Earth Day


American Lung Association bike events “Go Green” in honor of Earth DayRegion – The American Lung Association in the Northeast hosts three cycling events throughout the year: Cycle the Seacoast in May, the Trek Across Maine in June, and the Autumn Escape Bike Trek across Cape Cod in September. This year, as part of efforts to be even more environmentally-friendly, the organization has joined forces with Athletes for a Fit Planet.

Athletes for a FitPlanet is an organization that partners with event organizers, like the Lung Association, to help them create environmentally responsible events. Organizations are required to sign a Pledge of Sustainability in order to qualify as a FitPlanet Green Event. The Pledge of Sustainability requires event organizers to implement certain green practices, such as offering recycling bins at the event, 100 percent online registration, providing environmental education to participants, ensuring at least 80 percent of communications be done online and not through paper mail, just to name a few.

“We are excited to partner with such an environmentally-conscious organization,” said Kathryn Libby, Senior Director of Development for the American Lung Association in Maine. “As advocates in the Fight for Air, the American Lung Association is passionate about protecting and maintaining our environment. It is important that we give our event participants the opportunity to join us in our efforts,”

To learn more about the American Lung Association's Treks Across New England, and how to be a part of these green initiatives, visit For more about the American Lung Association of New England, visit

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