Westborough Public Library board thanks town


Westborough Public Library board thanks townTo the Editor:

The Trustees of the Westborough Public Library extend their appreciation and thanks to the citizens of Westborough for their support of the Library Budget at the recent Town Meeting. By voting to renew the carpeting, the staff can begin to reconfigure our existing space to better meet the ever-growing needs of the patrons of the library. Physically challenged patrons will be able to safely enter the library through the new Parkman Street doors. By supporting the library budget, we will be able to maintain our present custodial staff. We particularly thank those who turned out at Selectmen's and Finance Committee meetings when it appeared that our facility management status might have been threatened.

It is our hope that the townspeople will continue to support the library and its goals in the years to come, for the library is truly a place where all are welcome.


Sincerely yours,

Dorothy S. Mello

Corresponding Secretary

Board of Trustees

Westborough Free Public Library