Tartaglia thanks Shrewsbury supporters


To the editor –

Benjamin Tartaglia

Well, the 2012 election is in the history books. Anyone who stood out in the 40 degree weather through the cold drizzle, the downpours and the dampness should be congratulated, regardless of their position. Everyone gave it their all.

I thank our team for their efforts. Our Campaign Chairman, Leo Feinstein, did a great job organizing and overseeing the entire operation. Our Treasurer, Charlie Garabedian made sure we “Lived Within Our Means”. Our Sign Captain, John Martin was outstanding, managing sign placement, replacing stolen and broken signs and herding cats. Our sign crew was out until midnight on election night, collecting signs from the Shrewsbury frontiers. I thank the volunteers who made it all possible through their incredible efforts. A big thank you to those who took our lawn signs.

And, thanks to my wife Lillian for her support, smiling in the face of cowardly and mean-spirited letters, working on our database, welcoming the volunteers into our home and insisting on making fresh baked goods for our meetings. She is one classy lady.

Regarding the Selectman race, it was our second choice for an outcome. The 16 percent of Shrewsbury voters who went to the polls on Tuesday have spoken. But, as they say, it is what it is. I have often said, elections are determined by those who do not vote. I appreciate the support of those of you who braved the cold to perform your civic duty.

On a positive note, I want to thank the voters of Precinct 6 for electing me a Town Meeting Member. I look forward to another learning experience in municipal government. See you at Town Meeting.

I sincerely wish Mr. Kane and the rest of the Board of Selectmen all the best as they face the challenges ahead of them.

Ben Tartaglia
Precinct 6 Town Meeting Member
19 Kenilworth Rd