1. I had no idea there were stories like this just miles away! Amazing investigating, these two articles read like a mystery novel. Fantastic story!

  2. This is really a great story. It sure is neat to read about such an intriguing and interesting story right here in Westborough. The Warlock of Westborough Part I and Warlock of Westborough Part II are a great addition to the daily news and I look forward to future stories of this kind. Fantastic writing and storytelling. Love them!

  3. Growing up on Bowman St., I and my family were able to get to know Teddy on a more personal side, away from the “Witchcraft” aspect. I remember as a kid my mom would sometimes make him lasagna, one of his favorites, and go for a visit. My first job was a paperboy and he was one of my customers. I remember all of the cats he use to care for. People would just dump them assuming he could take care of them because he never shunned any. He would sacrifice to make sure of that. I remember the night of the fire and watched the house burn down. I remember an old antique birdhouse on top of the roof over 100 years old that must of housed over 50 separate bird holes and it looked like an old victorian home. Very ornate and beautiful. They were both one of a kind. What a tragedy. I remember him as being very kind, he loved his animals, and he would always say hi or wave as you passed. Always a kind word for everybody. It became comical to watch the people drive by, slow down and point and gawk and drive off real fast. He got a laugh out of that. As I grew older conversations turned to politics and world affairs. The man was very, very smart. I last saw Teddy in 1996 while visiting home. He and his 2 cottages and his animals will always be a part of me. God Bless Teddy….

  4. My friend and I went to see him once in the late 80s for a reading, and we got along so well, that we became friends. Teddy even came to stay with us in our home. He told a lot of interesting stories, including how he had been attacked by the Devil after he had renounced him. I’ll never forget how he told us about riding on his bicycle with his little chihuahua in the basket, trying to get home. He blacked out and ended up on the opposite end of town as night was falling, with no idea of what had happened and how he got there. He said he was terrified and peddling for his life, but just could not get home.

    Teddy also had a lot of kitties, and since I was also a cat lover, he asked me to take one unfortunate little kitten named Mary. Mary was profoundly retarded (from in-breeding) and could not even feed herself. At the time, I did not feel that I could take that on, so I declined. I regret not taking Mary to this day.

    He also told us about the time the National Inquirer came to do an article on a stain that was in the shape of Jesus on his ceiling. He still had the stain and showed it to us. Teddy was really interesting and I wish I’d stayed in touch….

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