Shrewsbury BOH releases contaminated lake alert


Shrewsbury BOH releases contaminated lake alertShrewsbury/Worcester – The city of Worcester and town of Shrewsbury are alerting the public to not swim, bathe, or use the area around Regatta Point and Lake Park Beach on the Worcester side of Lake Quinsigamond. Due to heavy rains on Monday, routine beach water sampling indicates above acceptable bacteria limits for recreational use.

Pollutants that increase chemical and bacterial levels may come from various sources, which may include the following: roads (oil, gas, and rubber compounds); lawns (pesticides, fertilizers); or sewage (animal waste, sewage overflow).

To protect the public's health and the environment, Public Health officials from Worcester and Shrewsbury are advising area residents not utilize this section of Lake Quinsigamond for recreational purposes until further notice. Public Health officials will continue to monitor and sample the affected area and notify the public when the advisory is lifted.

“Illness may occur if contaminated water is consumed, while exposure to eyes, mucous membranes and open wounds may also cause infection,” said Derek Brindisi, Director of Public Health. “The bacteria in the water poses a higher risk to more susceptible groups such as children, elderly or immune compromised.”

For more advice and information on the city water quality, please contact the Division of Public Health at 508-799-8531

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