1. It’s amazing to me (in a bad way) how nasty and down-putting women can be to each other. No one’s perfect and I certainly have my own nasty moments, but some women just take it all-new levels of viciousness.

  2. I agree that some people find women-bashing acceptable, but there are a lot who don’t. Most of the women I know – including my daughter’s 20-something friends – are loving, encouraging and supportive of one another. When a woman IS bashing another, usually a “meow” stops her immediately; the message is that women-bashing is not expected, nor allowed.

    In addition, I think that ANY badmouthing is toxic – for both the person spewing and the person listening; a way of diffusing antagonism would be helpful in everyone’s arsenal of life skills, although it IS sometimes hard to find in my toolbox.

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