Ashland Business Association releases new map of trails and streets


Ashland – The Ashland Business Association has announced the release of a new map – with many “green” features – will be delivered to all residents at the end of May. The new 2012 Ashland Business Association (ABA) map is more than an update.? In addition to streets, schools, and town buildings, the new full-color map identifies Town Forest and other hiking trails, open spaces, historic and scenic areas, boat launches, and bike rack locations, including four new racks to be installed by the end of September.

Leah Marshquist, a local teacher who helped pinpoint the bike racks, noted, “This is the map of Ashland I have always wanted! My husband and I are new to town and have heard of all kinds of great trails and points of interest. Now we will have this really handy map to find them all.”

An online version of the map, available now at, allows zooming in on important features. Also available on the page is a detailed map of the Ashland Town Forest/Cowassock Woods area (Courtesy of Sudbury Valley Trustees), which hikers can download and print. In giving permission to include the organization's map on the ABA's website, Dan Stimson, assistant director of stewardship, Sudbury Valley Trustees, commented, “Thanks for asking and for helping to spread the word about the great trails in Ashland.”

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