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Westborough selectmen accept gift of laptops

By Bonnie Adams, Government Editor

Westborough – The Westborough Board of Selectmen agreed at its Oct. 9 meeting to accept a gift of 22 laptops from the Westborough-based company Conservation Services Group (CSG).

The town's MIS/GIS Director Mark Stockman told the selectmen that he was talking with a CSG employee who told him the company was in process of replacing the laptops. Through the course of that discussion, Stockman said, the official said the company would be willing to donate the equipment to the town.

The laptops are approximately five years old, Stockman said, and are all considered “business-class”. The gift consists of 14 Dell Latitude D520 laptops and eight Panasonic Toughbook 19 convertible tablets. Some of the laptops will be distributed to town officials to replace aging ones currently in use while others will be given to the Department of Public Works for use in the field, Stockman said.

Selectman Ian Johnson noted that CSG has appeared at several Economic Development Committee meetings.

“They are a great company,” he said, “and very interested in helping to promote Westborough.”

Massachusetts state law requires that the Board of Selectmen formally vote to accept a gift of tangible personal property. As such, the board voted unanimously to accept the gift and offered it's thanks to CSG for its generosity.

The board also was advised by Town Council Gregory Franks of a change requested in the plans to add a controversial drive-through window to the Dunkin” Donuts store on East Main Street.

According to Franks, the proponents need to have a fourth lane added to Colonial Drive to accommodate the anticipated increased traffic after the drive-through is added. To do so, they are requesting that the sidewalk be moved from where it is currently sited, across the street from the Dunkin Donuts on Colonial Drive, to the side the store is on.

Franks noted that Town Engineer Carl Balduf was opposed to the plan.

Police Chief Alan Gordon told the selectmen he was opposed to the change as well.

The selectmen agreed that they were not prepared to make an immediate decision on that matter and voted instead to meet in front of the Dunkin” Donuts on Oct. 16 with Balduf and discuss the proposal at that time.

The town will be holding a Special Town Meeting on Monday, Oct. 15, starting at 7 p.m. in the Westborough High School auditorium, 90 West Main. St. The full warrant and recommendations from the Advisory Finance Committee can be found on the town's website, ??http://www.town.westborough.ma.us/Public_Documents/index.

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