Athlete Spotlight: Ryan Dube


Athlete Spotlight: Ryan DubeTeam: Shrewsbury High football

Coach: Terry Walles

Notable 2012 Stats: 17 receptions for 261 yards. Scored game-winning touchdown against Leominster.

What sports/activities do you participate in?

” I play two sports. I's a receiver/punt re-turner in football, and I play outfield in baseball.”

What is your earliest memory of playing sports in Shrewsbury?

“I remember playing youth baseball. I played in the town championship, and I went 3 for 3 with a clutch triple. I drove in one run to tie the game, and then was knocked in to take the lead.”

How are you enjoying the football season?

“I'se really enjoyed this season, because it's actually the first time I'se ever played football. I tried out, made the team, and worked my way to being a starting receiver. Plus, we'se winning games, which makes it even more fun.”

What has been the most memorable game so far? The answer is “The Leominster game,” but I still have to ask.

“The Leominster game was awesome. I finally scored my first touchdown, and it came at a time when my team needed me more than ever. I finished the game with seven catches for 110 yards. More importantly than my individual stats, it was a great team win over the reigning Super Bowl champs.”

Entering the year with no football experience, which coach has been the most helpful getting you up to speed?

“Both coach Walles and assistant coach Pocaro have been helpful, because they knew I had potential. They really showed trust in me to make plays when I's called upon.”

Which friend/family member encouraged you to finally try out for the team as a senior?

“My older brother Rich taught me a lot. He really encouraged me to try out. He used to throw footballs to me, and we would work on running routes. His bullet passes are the reason my hands are as good as they are now.”

Who is your favorite NFL team and player?

“My favorite team is the Patriots, and my favorite player is Vince Wilfork. I like Vince because he's a great defensive lineman, and off the field he's very funny and entertaining.

What is your favorite class in school?

“My favorite class in school is U.S. History, because I like learning about how our country dealt with conflicts and tribulations in the past.”

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