Coan Heating & Air Conditioning aims to keep your home comfortable summer and winter


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Art Chaves, treasurer of Coan. Photo/Nancy Brumback

Business name: Coan Heating & Air Conditioning

Address: 196 West Central St., Natick, MA

Telephone: 508-853-5050



How long has the company been in business?

“Fran and Mary Coan started in 1946 when Fran came back from World War II with a gas station on East Central Street in Natick,” said Art Chaves, treasurer of Coan Heating & Air Conditioning, which serves customers throughout the Metrowest area. “The emphasis on service started then, when the people who filled the gas tank cleaned the inside of the car windows.”


What services does Coan provide?

“We'se not just an oil company. We'se installed natural gas heating equipment for years. We see that as an avenue of growth. We bring something to the table the gas utilities don's. You can call us and talk to a person,” Chaves said.

“We think of ourselves as your home comfort expert. We provide heating and air conditioning services – warm and cozy in the winter, cool and comfortable in the summer. Of course we install heating systems, oil or gas, and we service and install central air conditioning systems. We also install hot water systems for both heat and hot water, humidifiers and advanced air filters.”


Can you help people manage their energy costs?

“We have a number of payment programs, such as prompt pay discounts and senior discounts. We have an oil price lock-in program. We also offer budget accounts to reduce high winter and holiday season bills that pay higher interest than banks on credit balances.

“We have an extended financing program on replacement oil tanks, payment over four years with zero percent interest.

“Financing packages are available on heating and air conditioning systems, and upgraded systems may qualify for rebates under the Mass Save program,” developed by the state's utility companies to encourage energy efficiency.

How about new technologies?

“In air conditioning, there are new refrigerants that are more environmentally friendly. Typically you have to upgrade your system, but we can just replace certain components. There are some newer technology oil tanks; one has a 30-year guarantee with insurance coverage if it does leak. Variable speed motors on air conditioning and furnaces change speed depending on how much heat or cooling is needed. Some boilers have a device to measure the outside air temperature to help the boiler run more efficiently. I's testing new thermostats in my house now that sense when someone's in the house and turn the system off when no one's there.

“We say we want to sell you less oil, and I think we'se helped with that over the years.”


What is different about today's heating oil?

“The oil we sell today is the cleanest, greenest oil ever. There's a bioheat component to our oil; it's blended with domestically produced, plant-based fuel. We'se been reducing the amount of sulfur in heating oil, making it cleaner, and will continue to do that over the next few years. That also keeps heating systems cleaner and lasting longer.”