PNB Interior Design: Advice and assistance with all levels of home projects


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Pam Bleakney, owner of PNB Interior Design, and one of her firm's interior projects. (contributed photo)
Pam Bleakney, owner of PNB Interior Design. (contributed photo)

Business name: PNB Interior Design

Address: 10 Church St., Northborough

Owner: Pam Bleakney

Contact Information: 508-393-3866


How is PNB Interior Design different from an interior decorator?

“At PNB, we go much deeper than advising on colors and furnishings,” said Pam Bleakney, owner. “We can design an addition or whole new home, advise on the budget for the project, make sure it meets building codes. We supervise the project from start to finish and have a long relationship with a pool of general contractors for larger projects and with subcontractors. We are matchmakers, choosing the best vendor or tradesman for each individual client.

“We also help clients with colors, furnishings, custom accessories, finding the perfect piece of art,” and the firm's Northborough showroom provides a resource starting point.


How do you approach a project?

“I design from the inside out,” Bleakney said. “I start with a family's needs and develop the possibilities for a remodel or addition from those needs. If a client is adding a kitchen, I look at things like access to a deck for barbecuing, how you bring the groceries in. We'sl do three different designs and work with the client to pick and choose elements for the final design.”

“I would like to be involved before you even start talking to contractors, and I can recommend good people who are a joy to work with.”

“We can provide design, layout, specifications, purchasing and installation, not just advice, on everything from custom-built cabinetry, lighting design and finishes to furniture and accessories.”


One of PNB Interior Design's interior projects. (contributed photo)

“Come in and talk to us, bring pictures of what you like,” Bleakney said. “I can advise on return on investment, and give you an idea of where prices should be for a project.? Don's go into a project without a budget number.

“We offer a house call service for $250 where I'sl walk through the home and talk you through the possibilities, your needs and a budget.”


How long have you been in this business?

“I started in residential design in 1977, then became the corporate architect for Digital Equipment Co., doing their space planning and design for everything from the corporate headquarters in Maynard to the corporate jet. That experience made me aware of a wide range of materials used in commercial settings that can cross over for residential use. I started PNB Interior Design in 1987, and we moved into this building about four years ago.”

PNB has a second designer, Tiffany Poplawski, who does much of the architectural work. And it's a family business. Bleakney's sister, Penny Connolly, works with finishes and decoration; her mother, Carol Norton, is office manager; her aunt, Susan O”Neil, is a specialist in organizing spaces. Pat Coyle, retired owner of Art Emporium, helps with purchasing art and accessories.