Nature Scapes by Kim: Creating and caring for home landscaping designs


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Kimberly White, owner of Nature Scapes  (photo/submitted)
Photo: Kimberly White, owner of Nature Scapes (photo/submitted)

Business name: Nature Scapes by Kim

Address: P.O. Box 113, South Grafton

Owner: Kimberly White

Contact Information: 508-868-2170,


What does your company specialize in?

“We specialize in creative, economical landscape solutions for residential customers. Every homeowner has their own vision for their property. As a landscape designer, I work with them to make that vision a reality,” said Kimberly White, owner and designer for Nature Scapes by Kim since 2000. She received her education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in addition to a five-year apprenticeship with an award-winning landscape designer. She is currently working on a degree in environmental science at Worcester State University.

“We build outdoor living areas, as well as spectacular front entrances, depending on what the homeowner needs. Sometimes it is rearranging a perennial garden and transplanting shrubs along with pruning, trimming, weeding, mulch application, edging. Other times it may require repair or installation of patios and walkways. No job is too big or too small.”

White's work can be seen in the Grafton area and surrounding towns and in pictures on the website,


How do you get started on a project?

“Usually a customer calls with an idea of what they want. I'sl meet with them to see if their ideas will work in the space available and fit within their budget. Sometimes we'sl scale down or do different areas at different times,” White said.

“I put together an estimate, and once we have agreed, my crew and I show up on a scheduled date and do the work through to completion. I like to show my customers the courtesy of getting the job done as quickly as possible once we start.

“I want people to be thrilled when they walk away from our experience. Not only with what we'se done with the landscaping, but with my crew and myself.”


And you recommend and provide the needed plants?

“I's a landscape designer, which means I have a lot of plant knowledge and I am particularly knowledgeable about perennials. I know what a particular plant likes??”sun or shade, the type of soil, drainage, when it's going to flower, what color. A well-planned garden includes conifers, evergreens, deciduous shrubs and trees, as well as perennials. The perennials are where the garden pops. A well-planned perennial garden will always have something flowering, something new going on. And I choose those for foliage as well as the flowers.”


Nature Scapes maintains gardens as well?

“We do perennial maintenance, taking care of the garden after it's been planted. For regular customers, in the spring we do the spring cleanup, mulch, fertilize everything with organic fertilizers. Then in late July or August we prune everything, cut back where needed, do a lot of weeding. In the fall we put the garden to sleep, whatever the plants need to protect them from the harsh winters,” White said.

“We try to stay as organic as possible. I try not to use chemicals unless it's absolutely necessary. And then, sparingly.”


What are popular projects?

“Replacing foundation plantings in front of the house and along the street. Often a builder puts all the money into the house and very little on the landscaping. They buy whatever's on sale and plant it 12 inches from the foundation. Years later, there are problems. Sometimes we have to rip it out, sometimes we can move it, sometimes we can just prune it.

“Often a few years after people have bought a house and finished what they want to do inside, they want to customize the outside. Landscaping also adds curb appeal when owners are putting their house on the market.”