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By Steve Levine, President of Steve Levine Inc., and an agent for REMAX Prestige

Steve Levine, President of Steve Levine Inc. and an agent at REMAX Prestige. 508-735-4663
Steve Levine, President of Steve Levine Inc. and an agent at REMAX Prestige. 508-735-4663

Whenever we see a spike like this in the market, we see the buyers and sellers alike wonder how long it will last. Certainly, it has been the quickest recovery I'se seen in over 25 years, and now that it's become apparent that prices and rates are on the upswing, Buyers have been flooding into the market afraid that they'se going to miss out on the best buying opportunity in history. They are probably right, and while they may have missed the bottom, they still are poised for what may be a fantastic profit making opportunity.

The results of the last years have been nothing short of astounding, with several of my recent listings seeing multiple offers the first day on the market, and sellers finally feeling that for the first time in years they may have a bit more control.? In recent weeks, we'se had the opportunity to be able to sit back and evaluate three or four offers for the same home, based on the strength of the preapproval letter, terms of closing and of course pricing.

Of course getting the point of a multiple offer situation isn's about luck, but about planning and more than a little bit of hard work. In many cases, this is where the “pre-marketing” team I put together comes into place. Over the years, I put together this team of fantastic folks such as my painter, handyman, plumber, electrician, and carpet installer who enable me to step into a home that needs a bit of freshening and bring it to like new condition affordably, and in just a few days.

Taking that stress off the homeowners has been a huge help, and delivers a product that truly sparkles on the very first day of the listing period. Just over the last few weeks I'se had the joy of watching several homes undergo this transformation, and as the second dumpster was taken away, along with a pod full of furniture, you can's imagine how different the home looked. As a result, we have an open house flooded with buyers, and are able to sell for top dollar in just a few days. What could be better than that?

Getting top dollar for your home is not a matter of luck, but a systematic approach that smart consumers undertake. It can be so very complicated, and oftentimes requires some pretty wild and innovative ideas. For example, did you know that sometimes asking $5,000 less for your property can get you $10,000 more? Crazy, right? Nonetheless, it's often true, as several recent clients will attest. Just using one of my marketing ideas, I had a seller here in Shrewsbury earn $20K more on their sale than they ever would have been likely to see, and still sold their home in a day!? Talk about a happy seller.

Fortunately, you don's have to reinvent the wheel, because I'se already done this over 1,000 times and while I may not be a great singer or dancer, I have this real estate thing down to an absolute science. Right now, I have six buyers waiting for something nice, so if you'se thinking of making the big move, please reach out to me and let's chat. If you'se lucky, I may have a buyer before you even hit the market!

Steve Levine is President of Steve Levine Inc. and an agent at REMAX Prestige, where he has been ranked as the Top Agent in New England in 10 separate years.? He can be reached at [email protected] or 508-735-4663.


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