Keamy Eye & Laser Centre


Offering the newest laser technology for cataracts and vision correction

By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Dr. Jean Keamy  (Photo/Nancy Brumback)
Dr. Jean Keamy (Photo/Nancy Brumback)

Business name: Keamy Eye & Laser Centre

Address: 24 Lyman St., Westborough

Owner: Dr. Jean E. Keamy, M.D.

Contact Information: 508-836-8733


What are the latest technical advances in eye care?

“I's one of the first cataract surgeons in this area to do femtosecond laser cataract surgery. It's used to make the incision and do part of the cataract surgery. It's more precise and produces better outcomes. I was certified nine months ago and get referrals from other cataract surgeons since I can insert premium multifocal lenses and patients no longer have to go into Boston,” said Dr. Jean E. Keamy, a board-certified ophthalmologist and owner of Keamy Eye & Laser Centre.

“This laser technology is the latest and greatest in cataract surgery. For some people with astigmatism, we can use a toric lens and, with the femtosecond laser, we can very precisely reduce the astigmatism and then put in multifocal lenses, which let patients see both near and far. With advanced cataracts, the laser softens the cloudy lens and decreases the energy required to take it out.”


How do you know if you need cataract surgery?

“One of the first signs is avoiding night driving because of the glare. But some people have trouble driving in the daytime. Other indications are a decrease in colors or contrast. Some people have more trouble with reading, others with distance. With a cataract, the lens turns cloudy, so putting new glasses in front of the eye won's make the cloud go away. Basically, cataracts are ready to be removed when patients are ready, when they have serious complaints.”


How about laser vision correction?

“We still do Lasik procedures, but we only do bladeless Intralase Lasik now. We'se doing more photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) because it's a very safe procedure. Those are two different ways to get to the second layer of the cornea, which is what you reshape to reduce dependence on glasses.”


How about eye exams?

“Everyone 50 or over should have a dilated eye exam,” Keamy recommended. “If people have hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, all those things can affect their eyes. They should have a medical eye exam including dilation and examining for disease, not just a routine exam for glasses.

“We are seeing more medical issues, including macular degeneration, dry eye and chronic itching, and I am a dry eye specialist. If glaucoma runs in your family, you are a glaucoma suspect and should be checked.”


And you also perform cosmetic surgery?

“There are so many options to rejuvenate the eyes and face. I am very excited about using the combination of fillers and Botox to reduce lines around the eyes, lift the brows, and eliminate bags under the eyes. I also love doing eyelid lifts because droopy eyelids are the first thing that makes people look tired and older than they are,” Keamy, who is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, said. She has branded the name Keamy Cosmetic Centre and opened a new office in Salem.

The Keamy Eye & Laser Centre is located at 24 Lyman St. in Westborough. The website,, features extensive information on the procedures available. For additional information or an appointment, call 508-836-8733.