Selectmen discuss pedestrian crossing flag program


By Chris Kopacko, Contributing Writer

Westborough large web iconWestborough – Selectmen discussed the possibility of instituting a pedestrian crossing flag program in Westborough during their Oct. 8 meeting.

Selectman Timothy Dodd said the idea had been floating around Westborough since 2009, when a pedestrian study was conducted in the downtown area.

“The general idea is that there are flags kept on either side of the crosswalk, people carry the flags across the street so that driver's are aware that there are pedestrians crossing,” Dodd said.

Dodd explained that the idea resurfaced during this year's Farmer's Market, when selectmen heard complaints of pedestrians crossing at the crosswalk in front of the Evangelical Congregational Church at 57 West Main St.

Police Chief Alan Gordon said he has spoken with the Westborough Civic Club about the possibility of assisting with a pedestrian crossing flag program. In addition to next year's Farmer's Market, Gordon said the flags could also be used on Sundays during church hours as well as at crosswalks near schools where there are no crossing guards.

Gordon stressed that while the flags would assist in making pedestrians more visible to drivers, pedestrians would still need to exercise caution while crossing.

“You still have to use caution when you'se crossing the road. It's not a stop-all, you still have to pay attention,” he said.